Production house

Korzo is a development place where people from all over the world come together. A house where talented choreographers, makers and performers are given opportunities to develop further and then move on. A house where as an artist you have the time and space to try things out, to fall and get up again.

Quality, diversity and urgency are consistently pursued and importance is attached to the relationship with the public. In addition to identifying, mobilizing and guiding these talents, Korzo also takes initiatives to initiate new developments. Based on various art disciplines and with an open mind, the projects and makers are placed in an international context and brought into dialogue with the public. Korzo has been doing this together with a rich network of partners for 35 years.


Korzo productions

In the first half of the 2022-2023 season, two tours are planned to premiere.


Vijf jaar na het maken van zijn eerste solo OhBoy! met optredens in Antwerpen, Berlijn, Genève, Den Haag en Parijs, maakt Antonin Rioche nu de vrouwelijke tegenhanger OhGirl! een intiem stuk over angst, onrust, en de last die we op onze schouders dragen.

Dansclick 24: Líx

Winner of the BNG Bank Prize Mohamed Yusuf Boss explores the fragmented self in Líx. DansClick is a unique touring model that brings a new generation of choreographers in contact with a potential dance audience and with programmers from theatres throughout the Netherlands.  

Work Line

As humans, we learn to strive for success and perfection. What does this drive for achievement do to us? The patterns we move in that lead to success bring satisfaction, but as soon as we fail to achieve it, we find it hard to accept. We are shaped by imposed structures.


Astrid's work from 2019, Decay, is coming back during our very first afternoon performance!


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