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Korzo is a place where artists can develop themselves. A house where talented choreographers, makers and performers are offered the chance to try new things, to fail and to stand up again.

Korzo has it’s own production house, where makers can create and present new work in a residency of four years. We also offer residencies to makers and choreographers that stand out or who approach us.

We pursue quality, diversity, urgency and a relationship to the audience consistently. As Korzo, we identify, mobilize and guide talent. Based on various art disciplines and with an open mind, the projects and makers are placed in an international context and brought into dialogue with the public. Korzo has been doing this together with a rich network of partners for 35 years. 


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Photo: Astrid Boons - Decay


A residency is literally a place to reside, a home. Within the cultural and creative sector, residencies are temporary homes for artists where they can hone their artistic signature or develop their work.  

At Korzo we offer varying types of support. From making a studio available for a single day, to offering full artistic, technical and productional support for the development of a new work.  


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Korzo productions

This coming season, you will be seeing a number of Korzo's own productions again, including Khôra by Astrid Boons, DansClick #25, the return of Antonin Rioche's Glitter and Here We Live and Now with Dalton Jansen, Justin de Jager and Alesya Dobysh.


Khôra Astrid Boons

DansClick #25 Jordy Dik & Zino Schat

Here We Live and Now Dalton Jansen, Alesya Dobysh en Justin de Jager

Glitter Antonin Rioche


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