Residencies at Korzo

A residency is literally a place to reside, a home. Within the field of culture, residencies are temporary homes for artists where they can hone their creative voice or develop their work.

Korzo offers different forms of residencies. Often, a residency will be based on a specific research question. Content and presentation may vary from residency to residency. It may be a series of exercises to flex the maker’s creative muscle, a study for a new show, or a technical week.

Korzo offers residencies with various types of support. This support ranges from making a studio available for a single day to offering full artistic, technical, and production support for the development of a new work.


Photo: Matevž Čebašek


Below is an overview of the five different types of residency Korzo has to offer. Each form is clarified. These formats form the starting point for a conversation which the artist and Korzo decide together which form is ultimately the best fit. Each residency can,to some extent, be made to measure, but these five forms of support will be used as a clear guideline.

XS offers a range of options to makers who need a rehearsal studio for doing research. Time-wise, this can range from a day to a week or a few days spread across a specific time period. There is no public presentation, but Korzo offers rehearsal space without asking for anything in return.

S offers an option for makers who need a technical week in a Korzo studio or in Korzo’s theatre space. This gives the maker a consecutive period (2-5 days) during which Korzo offers a space and, if necessary, hands-on technical and production support. Korzo only asks that makers agree to mention Korzo by using their “Made with support from Korzo” plus Korzo’s logo has to be detailed for a year in the maker’s credit list. If the work premieres at Korzo, the maker can request an after-talk as an option. Korzo will organize this in consultation with the makers.

M is an option for makers who need a rehearsal studio for research purposes. Time-wise, this can range from a day to a week or a few days spread across a specific time period. Korzo can offer, if necessary, a small budget. This option includes a presentation and an after-talk. This means that Korzo offers rehearsal space, minimal technical, production, and publicity support and a moderator for the after-talk.

The maker agrees to tag Korzo in the maker’s messages or social media for the duration of the time spent working at Korzo.

Applications for this residency can be made throughout the year, but choices will be made twice a year, every six months. This means that decisions will be made in June or October of each year. Submissions can be sent to marc@korzo.nl.

Residency L is a Korzo co-production because the maker and Korzo have already established a relationship. For this option, the maker has a plan that meets Korzo’s questions and goals. In addition to technical, production, and PR support, Korzo also offers some budget.

The maker agrees to mention Korzo as a coproducer in their credits (including logo) for the duration of the tour and any subsequent reprise tours. 

Applications for this residency can be submitted year-round. Submissions can be sent to marc@korzo.nl.

For the XL option, Korzo can opt to commission a new work or research from a maker or group. This can either be done through an open call, or Korzo’s program team can put forward a maker or group. In this option, all of the artistic, business, technical, PR, and production support is in Korzo’s hands with an available budget.

Korzo does not accept applications for this type of residency.


Korzo is looking for open-minded makers who want to connect with the house, the organization, and the (invented) audience. We value the interaction between the maker and the house. We would like to start the conversation with the question, “What can we do for each other?”

In the maker’s proposal, we search for a mix of different elements, such as talent, authenticity, focus, and commitment to the profession. We are looking for makers who know how to shape this urgency and authenticity. This can be reflected in expressiveness, impact, attention to the role of the audience, and the ability to communicate about the research or the work itself.


Questions we like to have answered:

  • Can you tell us who you are and what you stand for?
  • How do you demonstrate your craftsmanship, originality and innovation?
  • What is the complexity of the research/work you want to do?
  • In what way does it have layers, quality, precision, nuance?
  • How do you show those intensions in concrete terms?
  • If your residency is part of a larger process, can you tell us a little more about the process?

Practical questions we like to have answered are:

  • Which model (XS, S, M, L) do you think best suits your proposal?
  • When would you like to do the residency?
  • How many people would be involved in your residency?
  • What is your current connection with Korzo or with The Hague?



How to apply?

You can apply for a residency by sending an email with a proposal:

maximum 1 A4 for XS and S, maximum 2 A4 for M and L, or a short video, maximum 4 minutes, to the artistic coordinator of residencies: Marc Maris  / marc@korzo.nl.

The program team and the head of productions will consult as to whether the proposal meets the necessary criteria and whether there is room in the planning and the budget.



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