New artists in residence for Korzo: Faizah Grootens and Tú Hoàng

If you attended our anniversary programme recently, you’ve already heard the news: Faizah Grootens and Tú Hoàng will become artists in residence for Korzo! Starting in 2025, they get all the time and space to create works under the roof of Korzo’s production house.

Faizah and Tú are both good friends of Korzo already. Faizah – born and raised in Curaçao – created While you’re here – Tanten bo t’aki for Here we live and now (2022) and presented the piece Corpus Criolla during CaDance. She was awarded with the Leo Spreksel Award last year. Tú is a dancer and choreographer of Vietnamese origin who works with several European companies since 2007. During last years Playground, he impressed the audience with False Memories. Currently he’s rehearsing for Zino Schats new piece Exit Sign. Read more about Faizah and here.

Ambitions and goals

We’re very happy that Faizah and Tú are joining us and they’re happy as well. ‘It’s a beautiful stepping stone in my career,’ says Faizah, ‘to develop my artistic voice with the support, guidance, opportunities and the network of Korzo. There’s room for me to dive deeper into my work and create from that point. I consider that to be a great gift.’ For Tú, becoming an artist in residence for Korzo is a sign he’s on the right path. ‘Coming from a developing country like Vietnam, I had very limited options for dance education. It took me a long time to get where I am now. So I am grateful that Korzo found me and recognizes my talent. I think Korzo is a safe space for me to try things out and find ways to transform chaos in my mind into order in my works. Becoming an artist in residence is a mile stone in my career and I can’t wait to team up with the amazing team and artists and dancers in the near future.’

The near future is 2025, so we’re already looking forward to their tenure here. What are their goals and ambitions for the coming years? Faizah: ‘I want to develop my choreographic qualities and broaden and deepen them. With the guidance of Korzo, I’d like to focus on dramaturgy, the relation with the audience, audience development and positioning in the sector.’ Tú likes to see his future as if he was playing a game. ‘I will use this time at Korzo as a learning experience and see for myself how far I can go. I grew up a gamer and I love to see things in reality like that, to treat every new challenge as a new level. I have to get better at things to clear the mission. By doing that, I don’t have to feel much pressure and also enjoy myself. I want to have fun while creating art, although I know creating art is not easy. I want to work on myself the coming years. How do I become more knowledgeable? What differentiates me from other choreographers? What makes me unique? I’d like to work on that.’

Faizah and Tú are two new faces in our production house, but more fresh blood is on the way. We’ll reveal the names of these new artists very soon.

About Korzo as a production house

Korzo is a place where artists can develop themselves. A house where talented choreographers, makers and performers are offered the chance to try new things, to fail and to stand up again.

Korzo has it’s own production house, where makers can create and present new work in a residency of four years. We also offer residencies to makers and choreographers that stand out or who approach us.

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