You decide what price you pay

This season we are offering a number of performances where you choose the price. Through “pay what you can”, people who have less to spend still get the chance to see a performance. Visitors who have more to spend can choose a slightly higher price that this system makes possible. In this way we make the barrier lower for people who are unsure about the ticket price and invite other visitors to join us in using their means for the benefit of another. And even more people can enjoy our performances.

When you buy tickets for these performances, you choose the price type you can spare. So you don't have to buy a pass or follow a special route. You just choose the price that suits you and that can be a different price next time. You're not stuck with anything.

Mi casa es tu casa' is in Korzo's new manifesto. We think it's important to make theater as accessible as possible. Besides “Pay What You Can,” we work with organizations like Quiet Community, the Vier 't Leven foundation and Buddy network Den Haag to make the way to the theater more accessible. We also offer free programs such as the Open Studios where you can go into the rehearsal studio and watch and the season opening on September 7.



Performances Pay What You Can
(soon more performances)

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