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Cirque Mania #18: Work in Progress: Ukbum en Melody Nolan

Maker !UKBUM!
Maker Melody Nolan/Omer van Soldt
Duration 75 min
Part of Cirque Mania

Get a unique glimpse into the circus kitchen during this evening featuring two work-in-progress by young circus artists.


Who decides what is normal and what is not? When does absurdity become recognizable? In 'ME' you will meet three unique characters, crazy in spirit, who enjoy each other's company.  They create a world full of absurdities found in our reality. A home. They reshape reality and create a strange world the way they want to see it.  Perhaps even a world that allows for the absurd and magnified shadow sides of our personality; our real egos.

How easy is it to accept other things as "normal"? 

'ME' is a show that combines circus, theater, music & absurdity in a comic package. 


Place/Make - Melody Nolan/Omer van Soldt
Do you shape your environment, or does your environment shape you? In an acrobatic play, circus creator Melody Nolan poses this question. The cities we live in shape us over time. Do we also have a role in shaping them? You can try to change yourself to fit into a place or change the makeup of a place to better suit you. These attempts can be seen as a dialogue - a game between two parties trying to change the other. Place/Make (working title) explores the exchange influence of habitat and inhabitants in a collage of film and movement.


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Feel like moving? Join our Intensive Circus Special on Saturday and Sunday during Cirque Mania, given by Melody Nolan and Hendrik van Maele. Click here for more information and tickets!

!UKBUM! is a brand new (Flemish) international Circus company making absurd circus theater. We explore the strange and familiar sides of ourselves and our audience. We work intuitively and impulsively.  Our artistic language is transdisciplinary. We meld music, theater, circus and comedy into one pot from which we create art and waste. We mix it, we stir it and feed it to our audience and to ourselves.  

!UKBUM! consists of J-J-J; A trio of friends who met and graduated from Codarts Circus Arts in Rotterdam in the summer of 2022.    
- J-onas Bolliger: A dance acrobat responsible for canine joy and childhood fantasies in the company.  Due to his broad interests, he works not only as a dance acrobat but also as a video and electronic music producer, drummer and body percussionist. 

- J-akob Voeckler: works as a Chinese pole artist, peacekeeper and tinkerer in !UKBUM! He lives by the philosophy: "doing things is better than not doing things" - including in circus. During creation, he encourages !UKBUM! to explore theatrical characters and use high-level tricks.    

- J-ef Kinds: is an aerial artist and musician who works from an emotional connection with himself, his work and the audience.  He is also the main force of our administration and communication in !UKBUM!  He brings the often necessary realism and "reality-checks" to our work that puts our dreams within reach. 

Melody Nolan (b. 1998) is a circus creator from California. An avid explorer of her physicality and environment, Melody is inspired by a physical approach to artistic inquiry, balancing technique and creativity. In her work, she combines handstands with acrobatic movements to create a rich dialogue between body, space and expression. In 2021 she graduated from Codarts Hogeschool voor de Kunsten in Rotterdam and received the BNG Bank Circus Prize 2021 for her solo work "Haven". 

Omer van Soldt (born 1996) is an artist, writer and filmmaker born and raised in the Netherlands. The use of writing as a tool for both revelation and self-expression is a foundation in most of his practices, in that the scripts he writes, the artworks he composes, and the experiences he recreates can all be traced to the touch of pen on paper. These media are often intertwined to provide audiences with a truly immersive experience. Omer is a student at the Interfaculty of Arts at both the Royal Academy of Art and the Royal Conservatory of Music in The Hague.  

Korzo Studio

Event in the past.

Cirque Mania #18: Work in Progress: Ukbum en Melody Nolan


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