Cirque Mania

Cirque Mania #11

Event in the past.

Contemporary circus theatre festival

Cirque Mania is the festival where Korzo offers a stage to national and international circus talent. In March 2021 we organise the festival fully online containing works of new talents and established names. Furthermore, there is a paneldiscussion and contextprogram in our new online platform Studio X. From the comfort of your own couch you can watch the premiere of The Great Catch and the movie LOCKDOWN. We offer tutorials to enhance your circus skills and also display a trip down memory lane with a Cirque Mania poster exposition.


Most programs can be watched free of charge in the foyer and pop-up room in Studio X. To watch Great Catch it is required to purchase a ticket in our online shop. This ticket generates a unique code that allows you to watch the performance. You can also reserve tickets for free programs via this link, we will also send you fun Xtra's by mail. You can leave a donation via the ticketshop. This way you directly support the artists and Korzo to keep making beautiful programs. 



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