Korzo Zaal

Cirque Mania #18: Peluda

Artist La Campistany
Duration 60 min
Part of Cirque Mania

A story about, with and through hair

'All these norms are a pity, many millions Gilette, too much Sex & the City, my bush is no regret.'

What if we kept all the hair that we left behind in one box, one very big box, or in a room?

PELUDA is a story about hair, a story with hair and a story through hair. It's her turn. She will arrive first and you will soon get invited. She is just one on stage but it is the story of many, a story about discomfort, about doubt, about frustration, fragility and empowerment.

Through the vocabulary of circus (trapeze, mouth balance, knife throwing) and humor, PELUDA visits the different relationships that one can have with our own hair, turning the spotlight on the absurdity of aesthetic judgement. It is just stupid hair, she knows, but all the stories behind it reveal something else. Bring your scissors, sit down and let your hair down.


Combi tickets

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Friday 27 September €30,00 (instead of €35,50)
✦ Meet the Next | Fri 27 Sep - 19:00
✦ Peluda - La Campistany | Fri 27 Sep - 20:30
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Saturday 28 September €32,50 (instead of €41,00)
✦ Questions to the Endless - Laurence Felber | Sat 28 Sep - 19:00
✦ DELLUSIONAL "I Killed a Man" - Diana Salles | Sat 28 Sep - 20:30
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Sunday 29 September €32,50 (instead of €41,00)
✦ Female Powers - multiple artists | Sun 29 - 14:30
✦ À mesure - Handle with care - Accompany ME | Sun 29 Sep - 16:00
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Cirque Dinner

Friday 27 and Saturday 28 September

During Cirque Mania, you can enjoy dinner at the Korzo Club on Friday and Saturday. For just €17.50, you get a plate full of (vegetarian) food and a drink.

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Korzo Zaal

Cirque Mania #18: Peluda


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