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Cirque Mania #18: On the Move

In a world where more and more people seem to directly oppose each other, a comma behind your viewpoint seems to be the best antidote. 

Two totally different characters with different styles explore each other in this performance. Acrobatics and Breakdance come together on stage. They explore each other’s codes and vocabulary and learn from each other. Can these genres be combined to make something authentic, without losing the original individual identities? 

This show has unfortunately been cancelled. Already bought tickest? Our servicedesk will contact you.


On the Move focuses on the theme of bridging differences. The central questions are: how can we, as very different people, work together and live in a place that is actually too small for that? And how can we meet each other while speaking a different language? We want to propagate that if you are open to each other, you can come closer to each other. Contact with other worlds broadens your view. In our current society, in which people seem to be diametrically opposed on many levels - poor/rich, theoretical/practical educated, black/white, virus deniers/vaccine preachers - a comma behind your point of view is the best antidote.

We see two completely different characters, who gradually become more and more entwined with each other.  Acrobatics and breakdance (often called 'breaking' or 'b-boying' in the scene itself), two disciplines with both major differences and common ground, are used as a breeding ground to investigate how we can combine the codes and vocabularies from both forms in order to achieve something unique, without losing the separate identities. Circus is in itself a celebration of diversity. Where dancers train for years to move in exact synchrony, or to perform the same movements as others, but just a bit more beautiful and higher, circus is all about being as different and as individual as possible. The more unique your style, the better. That is also one of the similarities with break dance, where people are constantly looking for new ways of moving and signature moves that no one else is doing. The more out of the ordinary, the louder the applause. Also, both disciplines have a high power of persuasion and expression, which makes them ideally suited to get the message across in an accessible way.


After On the Move, visit the performance House of Circus at 21:00 and pay €22,00 (instead of €26,00) for both performances.

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Would you like to see all the shows at CirqueMania #14? You can with the passe-partout. This ticket gives you access to all performances on September 23, 24 and 25 for €60.00 (instead of €70.00)! With a passe-partout you also receive a drink on the house, one every day. Report at the box office upon entry, present your passe-partout and receive a drink of your choice.

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de Pizzabakkers

Show your Cirque Mania #14 ticket at de Pizzabakkers (address Dagelijkse Groenmarkt 31A) and enjoy a pizza for €8,50.

Korzo Studio

Event in the past.

Cirque Mania #18: On the Move


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