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New Horizons: Double Bill II - Online

Duration 2970 min
Part of India Dance Festival

* Please note: This is an online performance and will be available on-demand for 48 hours.


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With the New Horizons performances, you can discover and follow a new generation from India and the Netherlands. Various creatives managed to distinguish themselves during the pandemic with their innovative online activities and their new, groundbreaking productions. 

Two duets about intimacy and distance, one in Kathak, and the other in a contemporary style. 


Diya Naidu: Bardo Beings

Dancer, choreographer, facilitator, and cultural organizer Diya Naidu is a familiar name in the movement based arts in Bangalore. During the pandemic many of her international projects were cancelled and she devoted herself to various online productions. These were shown at the German Impulse festival and at the renowned Festival d’Avignon in France, among others. 

Gender, feminism, the role of caste and class in lack of safety for women are subjects close to Diva’s heart. Characteristic for her work is the exploration of intimacy and physical contact and the deep connections between our needs, desires, and the social and political domain.  

Bardo Beings can be seen in the light of these explorations. The duet was created initially in 2012 out of a fascination for the concept of the bardo, the transitional state as described in the Tibetan book of life and death by Sogyal Rinpoche. In the uncertain times in which she found herself in 2021, she and her dancepartner reprised the piece, now with a focus on the physicality of the work. The dancers explore the intense interaction between two seemingly separate worlds and identities. The encounter and conflict between the two bodies forms a sort of training, a preparation for the bardo and what this phase requires of us. 

Choreography: Diya Naidu
Performers: Ronita Mookerji, Diya Naidu
Sound design: Nikhil Nagaraj 

“I see the artist as the key site for the integration of worlds. Today, my primary tool of resistance is INTIMACY.”  - Diya Naidu 

“One of the central characteristics of the bardos is that they are periods of deep uncertainty”.. “to live in the modern world is to live in what is clearly a bardo realm; you don’t have to die to experience one.” - Sogyal Rinpoche


Hari & Chethana: Full Moon 

Festival darlings Hari & Chethana make their unique contribution from India with a brand new recording of their beautiful duet Full Moon, that premiered in 2017 during the India Dance Festival.  To the music of the Adagio from Mahler’s 5th symphony and the Danse Macabre by Saint-Saëns, the elegant duo dances a choreography inspired by the myth of Orpheus and Eurydice. The central theme is the desire for one another, precisely when the other is out of reach. Western classical music and Indian Kathak come together in an unexpectedly natural way. 

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Korzo Studio X

Event in the past.

New Horizons: Double Bill II - Online


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