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India Dance Festival: New Horizons: Bhavana Reddy - Online

* Please note: This is an online performance. 

The New Horizons (paid) program is available 48 hours. 

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With the New Horizons performances, you can discover and follow a new generation from India and the Netherlands. Various creatives managed to distinguish themselves during the pandemic with their innovative online activities and their new, groundbreaking productions.

This powerhouse Kuchipudi dancer comes from a legendary dance family and has performed on the international stage from the age of four. The New York Times praised her wondrous virtuosity, magnificent foot work and tender vivacity. The Hindu describes her dancing as, “like lightning”. Bhavana Reddy is this year’s artist in residence. In addition to a classic Kuchipudi item, she will work on a new contemporary piece in Korzo that will premiere during the festival.


One’s faith is personal, one's beliefs are intrinsic.  Some of us are driven by energy, some give it a name and some a shape. 

India is a country where several beliefs and faiths co-exist. Ishwareeyam is a storytelling exposition into the forces that drive Hindus  and the faith they place in different gods. For the Vaishnavites, God is Vishnu, for Shaivites he is Shiva, for Shakteyaas, she is Shakti. God is whoever one perceives him or her to be.

Concept and Direction : Bhavana Reddy

Choreography credits : Raja Radha Reddy and Bhavana Reddy

Music credits: Raja Radha Reddy and Sudha Raghuraman

Nattuvangam : Raja Reddy and Kaushalya Reddy

Vocals: Sudha Raghuraman

Mridangam M.V. Chandrashekhar

Flute : G Raghuraman

Veena : Shyamala Bhaskar

Violin : V.S.K. Anna Dorai



The trembling of a leaf on a tree ,the wind that strokes the water surface; nature knows no hierarchy in events. It is nature that makes us experience over and over that we are a part of it and that we cannot exploit nature. What makes us who we are? And how do we learn during our lives to see ourselves? Are we in the end not more than a leaf on the tree? 

This India Dance Festival residence was made possible with support by the Kylián Foundation.

Pre- and after program of New Horizons. 

The unique program 360°Elemental presents three young creatives from India and three from the Netherlands in a fixed video format. Each maker is assigned the same music from contemporary percussion ensemble Slagwerk Den Haag, and the resulting choreography will be filmed in a circular setup in 360°. As a source of inspiration for their dance they choose one of the Ayurvedic elements: water, fire, earth, air, and ether. 360°Elemental is the opening act of the New Horizons program.



Preprogram 360

New Horizons

After program 360

20 May


Double bill I Pavitra + Bertwin


22 May


Double bill II Diya, Hari+Chethana


25 May


Shailesh Bahoran - Kishan


27 May


Poernima Gobardhan - Elly&Me + My Pitrs


28 May


Bhavana Reddy



Korzo Studio X

Event in the past.

India Dance Festival: New Horizons: Bhavana Reddy - Online


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