Event in the past.

India Dance Festival: Loading Dock Sessions

Music Slagwerk Den Haag
Dancer Indu Panday
Part of India Dance Festival

Since early 2021 Slagwerk Den Haag is regularly presenting Loading Dock Sessions: single-shot miniature concerts, no cuts and edits, recorded in the loading dock of our studio in The Hague. Up to now, 20 loading dock sessions have been released, highlighting various gems of our percussion repertoire.

Especially for India Dance Festival Korzo has the exclusive premiere of #23, developed in collaboration with Kathak and Bharatanatyam dancer Indu Panday.


The video will go live here on Thursday May 19th, 19:00 CEST. 

Indu dances a beautiful solo on excerpts of Tarana, a choreography by Hari & Chethana Hari on the classical Raga Jhinjothi. Niels, Pepe and Joey take over by performing Ivan Vukosavljević’s composition Śruti on shruti boxes. The shruti box is a traditional Indian instrument normally used to accompany singers and other instrumentalists. Ivan decided to explore its expressive qualities in this piece commissioned by Slagwerk Den Haag.

Indu Panday is a Indian classical dancer born and raised in The Netherlands. Panday trained both in Bharatanatyam - one of the oldest classical dance disciplines of India - and Kathak, a North-Indian form that’s based on vivid storytelling. This very aspect draws her to her practice of choice; the ability to create narratives within movement and rhythm, and to explore the philosophy, language and mythology behind these ancient portrayals.

Slagwerk Den Haag is a world-renowned percussion group, leading in the field of innovative and varied sound creation since its inception in 1977. From traditional percussion instruments to 3D-printed objects, from cacti to MYO-gesture control wrist bands, the bandwidth of our sound supply is immense.

Our audiences and performing contexts are similarly varied. We play concerts, are involved with theatre and dance performances, construct sound installations and create on-line. We perform classic composers like Glass, Cage or Reich, commission new work and create ourselves. We partner with digital technology specialists, choreographers, symphony orchestras, techno producers, visual artists and top-notch soloists. You can hear Slagwerk Den Haag at established concert venues like Amsterdam Concertgebouw or Bang on a Can Festival New York but just as easily in pop festivals and clubs, in the slums of Cairo, in a church tower, on a beach or in cyberspace.

Event in the past.

India Dance Festival: Loading Dock Sessions


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