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Unheard Music Festival: INspired - (UN)Heard Music Festival

Duration 60 min
Part of Unheard Music Festival

Music that touches you is often music that overwhelms you, in an unguarded moment. Or music that is completely unfamiliar and surprises you.

With the (Un)heard Music Festival, the Matangi Quartet wants to achieve exactly that. Here, works are put in the spotlight that do not get the attention they deserve and are therefore rarely or never heard on the Dutch concert stage. But in addition, works that are related to these unheard works and are, in fact, well-known. The aim of the festival is to touch art-loving audiences and traditional music lovers of all ages with new, unknown music and different art forms.


(Un)heard Music Festival 2023 ft. John Psathas 
During UMF 2023, New Zealand's John Psathas is composer-in-residence. Because of his Greek background, his music is an interesting fusion of European traditions, folk music from both continents and influences from jazz and pop music. In 2004, Psathas composed the music for the opening and closing ceremonies of the Olympic Games in Athens. With musical performances of his unparalleled diversity of sounds and rhythms, the audience will be surprised and overwhelmed. During the festival, a new work by Psathas will have its world premiere: Second-Hand Time, played by pianist Dawn Hardwick. Through a broad fringe programming that includes conversation with audience and composer, a film in Club Korzo and a cozy after-party, it will be a cohesive festival focusing on the music of the "unheard" John Psathas.


Would you like to visit all the performances of (UN)Heard Music Festival 2023? Order your passe-partout here.


INspired is the opening concert of the (Un)heard Music Festival with music that inspired the Matangis to invite Greek-New Zealand composer in residence John Psathas. In addition to Psathas' fantastic work Atalanta, choreographed by The Dutch Don't Dance Division, the program includes works by Greek-Dutch composer Calliope Tsoupaki and Dutch composer/percussionist Helmer Bijl. 



Calliope Tsoupaki Eothinon
Traditional (AUS) Waltzing Mathilda
Helmer Bijl Fantasmata
John Psathas Atalanta


Tasty high tea snacks will be waiting for you after INspired. Together we will open the festival in the cozy bar of Korzo.

Location: Korzo Club

Composer in residence of the (Un)heard Music Festival John Psathas will talk about his life and work as a composer. In particular, attention will be paid to his work "Second-Hand Time," which will have its world premiere during the (Un)heard Marathon on March 11 at 8:30 p.m. in Korzo Zaal. Not only will the interviewer be able to ask John Psathas questions, but the audience will also have the opportunity to participate in the conversation.

John Psathas, componist | Interviewer

Between concerts, enjoy a Greek buffet* and dine with Matangi musicians in Korzo's cozy foyer. This way you experience the (UN)Heard Music Festival to the fullest.

For specific dietary requirements, please contact info@korzo.nl, stating "(UN)Heard Music Festival - dietary requirements".

For dinner, you will need a separate ticket via the link below.


*Dinner is not included in the passe-partout

Korzo Zaal

Event in the past.

Unheard Music Festival: INspired - (UN)Heard Music Festival


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