Korzo Zaal

Cirque Mania #18: DELUSIONAL "I Killed a Man"

Artist Diana Salles
Duration 60 min
Part of Cirque Mania

The rebirth of Diana Salles

DELUSIONAL ‘I killed a man’ is a performance about transsexuality. A journey about overcoming your past. It is a show about transition, rebirth.

Performed by the dancer and circus artist Diana Salles, DELUSIONAL tells the story of 'Judith’ a trans woman that in one of her delusions killed her male version in order to be free. The multidisciplinary repertory of circus disciplines such as aerials, dance, singing, stand up comedy and physical theatre invites everyone to understand the unspoken transitions we all go through in our lives.

The creation of this piece organically happened after Diana performed in a piece by director Firenza Guidi. In a personal talk with Diana explained she had to open up about being trans, otherwise she could not justify how she wanted to be perceived as a performer in that production. That moment led to many more inspirational talks, Diana’s transition and the creation of this solo. DELUSIONAL is – amongst many things – inspired by the Caravaggio-paiting Judith beheads Holofernes.

PLEASE NOTE: Sensitive content related to suicide and sensitivity to strobe lights

Born in São Paulo, Brazil in 1996. She had her first contact with art through dance and theatre, but soon she discovered circus and quickly developed a passion that would lead her to choose it as her career.

She attended the Superior School of Circus Arts (ESAC) in Brussels, where she specialised in and developed her own style of aerial silks.

Following her graduation in 2018, she won multiple awards with her finishing Queer activist piece Genèse, including the bronze medal and the “Prix de la Ville de Paris” at the 40th Festival Mondial du Cirque de Demain in Paris, and the silver medal and Audience’s prize at the Iberoamerican Circus Festival (FIRCO) in 2019.

In 2021 Diana co-directed her first show with the TSAK! kollektive in which she is also a performer. In that same year she was directed and performed alongside Ludwig Obst in the Queer Cabaret LILA LIED, performing in collaboration with SCHWUZ in Berlin.

In 2022 She was the original cast of SABOTAGE by NofitState circus company in the UK, directed by Firenze Guidi. Performing a trans character she confronted her transsexuality and transition, soon she started writing and producing her solo show DELUSIONAL, alongside Firenze GUIDI.

In the end of 2022 Diana moved back to Berlin, looking to go deeper in her creation and understanding of what it means to be a queer artist in the circus industry nowadays.

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Cirque Mania #18: DELUSIONAL "I Killed a Man"


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