AINSI, Maastricht

DansClick #26

Artists Tú Hoàng. Hiro Murata & Sheree Lenting
Duration 90 min
Part of DansClick

A Double-bill about spirituality, memories and the past

DansClick is a national tour of the most exciting names in the dance world. Since 2013, the winners of the BNG Bank Dance Prize present their work in the DansClick tour. The performances are always framed with video portraits of the makers and the Après Danse; an informal meeting between audience, makers and dancers on stage, over drinks.

The winner of this years BNG Bank Dance Award is Sheree Lenting with I am my ancestors wildest dream. Next to Sheree's show, we also present the piece 'False Memories' by our artist in residence Tú Hoàng that he made in collaboration with Hiro Murata.

Always wanted to know more about the creation process of a piece? Then come to DansClick 26. At the end of this special evening, the audience is invited on stage for drinks and is given the opportunity to get to know the makers and performers up close.


In I am my ancestors wildest dream, choreographer Lenting works with two strong female dancers bridging multiple generations. These performers tell untold tales of past, present and future. The two are evenly matched, they support and strengthen each other in both movement and spirit. With the power, wisdom and love of their female foremothers as a legacy draw from, they look to their future with confidence.

Sheree Lenting is Rotterdam-based dance artist, program curator and teacher with Surinamese roots. Lenting fuses multiple art disciplines together through her works; as a born storyteller, she draws from her experiences in society as a Black woman to create art that’s reflective of our times. Sheree has a Bachelor's degree in Dance & Education from the Amsterdam University of the Arts and traveled across the African diaspora to hone her practice, which focuses on hip hop and African dance.

Sheree has received several grants, including the most recent New Makers Scheme from Fonds Podium Kunsten for her extensive research 'The R|Evolution of Black Dance and What Came Before Hip Hop'. With this grant, Sheree created her first short film SHE - The Black Female Body which was screened at the International Film Festival Rotterdam in 2022 and nominated for Best Short Film at Da Bounce Urban Film Festival. Her mission is to uplift, inspire and transform the world through her art.


Choreography Sheree Lenting i.c.w. Cicely Wijnaldum & Ciara Hiwat | performers Cicely Wijnaldum & Ciara Hiwat | music HAYP MUSIC | spoken word Burnice Hiwat | videographer Danny Stolker | trailer Viddy by Willy | dramaturgical guidance Floris van Delft

‘False Memories’ is the result of a four-year collaboration between the two choreographers who danced at Conny Janssen Danst. The choreography is created around the concept of the psychological mind, through the perspective of two individuals that have an unspeakable connection with each other. In an abstract way, the feeling that they are one entity in their spiritual world remains, whether they are together or separated in physicality. Our memory is a very fragile concept. Sometimes we remember things the way we want them to be. Our imagination takes us to escape our own reality in order to find comfort or peace.

Tú Hoàng (1988) is a choreographer and dancer from Hanoi, Vietnam. In his choreography, Tú aims to combine his oriental background in Kung Fu and Tai Chi with Westen dance genres such as hiphop, ballet and contemporary. 

Tú Hoàng will be artist in residence at Korzo starting in 2025.

Choreography and dance Tú Hoàng and Hiro Murata | Lighting design Grace Morales Susa | Original Music David Granstrom and Flxk1 & DB1 | With thanks to Marjolein Peters, Conny Janssen Danst, James Sutherland

Performance dates

Thu 10

Korzo Zaal World premiere

The Hague

Fri 18

Theater Bellevue, Amsterdam takes place in Amsterdam


Fri 25

AINSI, Maastricht takes place in Maastricht


Mon 28

takes place in Groningen

Thu 07

takes place in Deventer

Tue 12

Theater Rotterdam takes place in Rotterdam


Thu 21

Schouwburg De Lawei, Drachten takes place in Drachten


Thu 28

Schuur, Haarlem takes place in Haarlem


Thu 12

Podium Hogewoerd, De Meern takes place in Utrecht

De Meern

Thu 19

takes place in Zwolle

AINSI, Maastricht

DansClick #26


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