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DansClick #25

Can you and me decide what the world will look like?

DansClick is a national tour of the most exciting names in the dance world. Since 2013, the winners of the BNG Bank Dance Prize present their work in the DansClick tour. The performances are always framed with video portraits of the makers and the Après Danse; an informal meeting between audience, makers and dancers on stage, over drinks.

The winner of this years BNG Bank Dance Award is choreographer Jordy Dik with his work YOU AND ME AND ALL THE OTHERS / JIJ EN IK EN ALLE ANDEREN. Next to Jordy's show, we also present the piece Eroica by our own in-house maker Zino Schat.

The performances are framed by an exhibition in the foyer and the audience has the opportunity to talk to the makers/dancers and enjoy drinks after the performance. The Aprés Danse is an essential part of DansClick, bringing creatives and the public together  to have conversations about dance. DansClick is a unique touring model that brings a new generation of choreographers in contact with a potential dance audience and with programmers from theatres throughout the Netherlands.  

YOU AND ME AND ALL THE OTHERS // JIJ EN IK EN ALLE ANDEREN revolves around two people who want to discover the world. A world that keeps spinning and spinning. Can you and me decide what the world will look like? Without paying too much attention to all the other people around us? The duet in YOU AND ME AND ALL THE OTHERS between dancers Margriet Jacobs and Andrea Beugger shows that people will always differ, just like they will always find common ground. Confusing, but most of the time interested and loving. And what we love the most, runs through our veins. In the world, in you and me.

Despite his young age, Jordy Dik (29) is one of the most renowned inclusive choreographers of the Netherlands. Thanks to his distinct artistic and ethical vision on humanity, he creates work that cuts deep. His work moves beyond ‘inclusion’, since it never hints of a feeling of participating. Jordy lets the dancers enter the stage weight-free, in a liberating and humane way, to make the feelings and emotions of the audience a catalyst for connection and change. Not only in the performative manner of the theatre, but just as well in the rest of their lives.

In Eroica, the concepts of friendship and the need for originality are discussed. They are encouraged to grow as two friends until the need for individuality outweighs their friendship. During their quest for personal development, they encounter a pandemic and a lockdown, reinforcing the importance and need for companionship.

Zino Ainsley Schat earned his stripes as a street performer with the group SkillDealers. He choreographed and danced showcases for people like Queen Máxima and former president Obama. His theater career began as a performer with dance companies AYA and Solid Ground Movement, but later he developed a deeper interest in choreography. This led to collaborations with De Nationale Opera and the Nederlands Blazers Ensemble. Zino is founder and artistic director of Fractal, an organization that deals with social issues through Hip-hop and Contemporary brought together into an innovative language. Korzo supports Zino in a 4-year trajectory as a creator. 

Event in the past.

DansClick #25


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