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India Dance Festival: Cycle

Maker Chandenie Gobardhan
Duration 60 min
Part of India Dance Festival

On this evening, Chandenie Gobardhan presents two performances revolving both around different stages of existence and life: CREATOR and Rudra. 

Chandenie Gobardhan (she/they) is a London-based, but The Hague-born artist and began her training in Indian dance at an early age. The daughter of emigrated Surinamese parents, the importance of dance was ingrained in her through her Indian heritage.

Chandenie is known for their unique movement vocabulary and political perspective. Their style is a carefully curated meltingpot where elements of Bharatanatyam, street styles and contemporary dance come together.Gobardhans’ work is discovering an aesthetic that goes away from the tendency of exoticism.They build bridges between styles, where others might not see that possibility. Their work istypically led by connecting stories and knowledge they have gathered on their path in theHindostaanse diaspora. Their artistry enables them to share the important but often unheardstories they have inherited from the strong people who paved their way.

Chandenie has been commissioned to create work for Tate Britain, Whitechapel Gallery,Messums Wiltshire Festival of Dance, Northern School of Contemporary Dance, Nike London andThe Royal Docks.

Watch a short video introduction about Chandenie below.

You’re the creator of a better world 

Creating, making, bringing something into being. Dancers and choreographers do so all the time. Chandenie Gobardhan explores the creation process at a deeper level in CREATOR, for which she draws on the Hindu concept Trimurti.  

Within Hinduism, Trimurti is a layered concept that stands for a representation of our life cycle, with three phases: creation, preservation and destruction. In CREATOR, Chandenie shows a self-developed movement language that echoes this phase of creation. She shows that even the most intricate movements can have a huge impact on the space around us. CREATOR encourages us to be careful with our thoughts, words and actions, to create a world we feel comfortable in. Because at the end of the day, we are all creators. 


Choreography Chandenie Gobardhan Performers Mithun Gill, Chandenie Gobardhan Musician/Vocals Azizi Cole Composer Nick J Jones Lighting Design Mark Baker, Chandenie Gobardhan

Duration performance: ±20 minutes

Continuing the journey of the Trimurti cycle (creation, preservation and destruction, Rudra braves through the layers and depths of destruction and grief. 

As hymn-like whispers grace the air, tear-filled skies witness the unravelling of loss in an unforgiving world. Rudra transports the audience into a realm unknown, where destruction’s power is fearlessly embraced and experienced. The passage of time drags on when longing for swiftness, amplifying its agonising slowness. While the gradual sacrifice of sanity fuels the yearning to escape, Nick J Jones’ sound design invokes the haunting beauty of echoing cries for liberation.   

As the stage becomes an altar of transformation, Rudra confronts the fragility of existence. An exhausted flame eventually driven to ash, whispering the tales of patience’s quiet strength. 

Choreography Chandenie Gobardhan Performers Adhya Shastry, Mithun Gill, Chandenie
Gobardhan Composer Nick J Jones Lighting Design Clancy Flynn, Chandenie Gobardhan Rehearsal Director Louis Partridge, Max Revell

Duration performance: ±20 minutes

Saturday 18 May | Cloud Messenger & Cycle

Visit two performances on one evening during India Dance Festival!
With this combi ticket, you recieve a €13 discount when you attend the performances below:

Cycle | Sat May 18 - 19:00
Cloud Messenger | Sat May 18 - 20:30

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Korzo Studio

Event in the past.

India Dance Festival: Cycle


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