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Cirque Mania #18: Codarts Circus Arts

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Klaus Jürgens and Aurélia Brailowsky

Get to know the newest talent in circus

In Rotterdam, rough circus diamonds are polished at Codarts Circus Arts. During Cirque Mania, the 14 second-year students of this course showcase their talent. Under the direction of choreographer-director Klaus Jürgens and circographer Aurélia Brailowsky, the spirited aspiring circus performers create a dazzling group performance, including aerial and floor acrobatics, balancing acts, contortion, object manipulation, Cyr wheel and walking globe.

Each study year, students of Codarts Circus Arts work with experienced directors on a group creation, in a challenge to get to know their approaches and styles. These performances are presented to the public on various occasions throughout the year.

Visit circus for less!

For this Cirque Mania have the following deals available:

Friday 22 March €37,50 (instead of €43,50)
Cirque Dinner Special + Systema (Framing Effekt)
Buy the Friday deal

Saturday 23 March €30,00 (instead of €37,00)
Cécile (Sinking Sideways) + CONCRETE (Knot On Hands)
Buy the Saturday day ticket

Sunday 24 March €22,50
Circaso + Facades (Tall Tales Company)
Buy the Sunday day ticket

Korzo Studio

Event in the past.

Cirque Mania #18: Codarts Circus Arts


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