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Cirque Mania #18: Cirque Dinner Special curated by Michael Zandl

Curated by Michael Zandl

You can find a performance everywhere these days. Even at the dining table.

What happens when you give in-house maker Michael Zandl a studio for 4 days to create a performance with a couple of upcoming circus artists about human consumption. The artists are given a 'carte blanche' and will share the outcome of their research, while you enjoy a meal in the most unlikely restaurant in town. The evening will be an experiment, but for sure full of humor, absurdity and delicious surprises.

The table is set in the Korzo Club, will you join us?

Michael Zandl (1989) is an Austrian circus artist. Michael is interested in exceeding common circus references. He likes to work with ‘real’ objects that are not commonly associated with circus. At his shows technical intricacies and special effects are at a rendezvous. Putting circus technique into fresh context is difficult, so by using objects as points of departure to explore vocabularies, Michael manipulates them in order to tell a story. He works by creating specific scenes and developing a language through these very objects.

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For this Cirque Mania have the following deals available:

Friday 22 March €37,50 (instead of €43,50)
Cirque Dinner Special + Systema (Framing Effekt)
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Saturday 23 March €30,00 (instead of €37,00)
Cécile (Sinking Sideways) + CONCRETE (Knot On Hands)
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Sunday 24 March €22,50
Circaso + Facades (Tall Tales Company)
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Club Korzo

Event in the past.

Cirque Mania #18: Cirque Dinner Special curated by Michael Zandl


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