Korzo Zaal

Cirque Mania #18: À mesure - Handle with care

Artist Accompany ME
Duration 50 min
Part of Cirque Mania

A relationship can be as fragile as an egg

For this performance Accompany ME was inspired by the English word ‘pace’, as it indicates the rhythm, the step, the cadence. It recalls the sharing of a journey with another person. 

With À mesure – Handle with care, Monika Neverauskaitè and Elena Damasion want to leave a positive and heartwarming message. The performance offers a glimpse into the intimate space of a relationship: it shows the teamwork that is necessary to make things work… The goal is to keep on going, together. The Cyr wheel language is explored in all its directions, as well as it is combined with the use of some objects, such as eggs, that are known for their fragility. À mesure - Handle with care is an allegory about love in life, it’s about finding a common rhythm with another person. 


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✦ À mesure - Handle with care - Accompany ME | Sun 29 Sep - 16:00
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Korzo Zaal

Cirque Mania #18: À mesure - Handle with care


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