We're celebrating 40 years of Korzo with a special programme

On Friday 23 February 2024, we're celebrating: it will be exactly forty years since cinema Corso was squatted and transformed into theatre Korzo. We celebrate the anniversary with the anniversary programme Korzo was Corso: celebrating 40 years of adventurous theatre.

Over the past four decades, a lot has happened in Korzo, from wild parties and an ice rink in the main hall to eye-catching productions with dance, music, exhibitions and festivals. With Korzo was Corso: celebrating 40 years of adventurous theatre, we celebrate the past forty years with you and show how Korzo has evolved - and is still evolving - through different generations.

Hart, Kwink, Moker

During the anniversary programme, we present a cross-section of forty years of Korzo, featuring former makers, our current makers and new makers. And with iconic works in a new form:  Anouk van Dijk returns to Korzo to perform her Hart, Kwink, Moker. Hart, Kwink, Moker was choreographer Anouk van Dijk's first independent production in 1994. In this piece, the then 28-year-old choreographer wondered how to relate to a world with endless choices that had finally become accessible to women. A performance that made clearly palpable how vulnerable and persistent young women are in their search for their own sound.

In 2024, Anouk van Dijk reunites the original cast and will perform the play with Daniela Graca and Nicole Peisl. Thirty years after the premiere, they will bring female defiance into a new light, looking back at younger versions of themselves.

Legacy from Korzo

We will announce the rest of the anniversary programme soon. Besides the jubilee party, we will also pay extensive attention to Korzo's history and legacy in the months after 23 February. So keep an eye on our socials and the website!

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