Positive advice for Korzo from the Raad voor Cultuur

We’re happy and proud: last week, the Dutch Raad voor Cultuur gave out a positive advice for Korzo. That means we will receive another four year grant from the Dutch government. Combined with the help of The Hague municipality, we will also be a house in motion for the coming four years.

It’s an advice with some beautiful compliments for Korzo: ‘Korzo plays an important role in the Dutch and international world of dance. The institution can rely on a rich history of now successful makers that got their start at Korzo (…) The past years, Korzo has been at the forefront of innovation of dance and movement. The institution is a cornerstone in the dance sector, especially in the city of The Hague.’ And some nice words about the quality of our application: ‘Some of the applications truly excel in the area of artistic quality. Highlights were the applications of Toneelschuur Producties, Orkater, Gasthuis Frascati, TextielLab and Korzo, all awarded with a positive advice.’

Such an advice leads to wide smiles and pride. General director Gemma Jelier is pleased. ‘It’s wonderful to receive an advice like this. The Korzo team has worked very hard on the plans for the coming years and I’m happy to see the Raad voor Cultuur believes in those plans as much as we do. With the support of the government and the municipality, we keep building our house in motion where the door’s always open for new makers and a curious audience.’ A positive advice for Korzo doesn’t mean everything’s all right in the cultural sector. ‘There are plenty of institutions with a negative advice,’ says Gemma. ‘I’m worried about the future of fellow institutions and our national arts & culture policy. Art creates space to think and breathe and it connects people. I feel we need that in time like this and I will work hard to make that possible.’ 

Earlier this year, Korzo was awarded with a positive advice from The Hague municipality. Read more about that here. Curious to read the whole report from the Raad voor Cultuur? Read it here or find the full report on all national institutions here.

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