Cirque Mania #9

'A direct hit' De Standaard wrote about Red Haired Men by circus choreographer Alexander van Tournhout. 'Sublimely useless, original, dryly comical, and wonderful to watch', de Theaterkrant wrote. High time to introduce this talented and original Flemish creative artist to the public of The Hague. In the ninth edition of Cirque Mania – held from 26 thru 29 March – he is placed amidst a spectacular program in Korzo. This weekend, the artists come together from various disciplines. If it’s dance, physical theatre, magic, or just circus after all is entirely up to you.

Red Haired Men - Alexander Vantournhout

The point of departure for Red Haired Men are the short, surprising, and funny texts by the Russian writer Daniil Charms, who lived through the brutal times of the Stalin terror. The typical ‘Charmian’ characteristics, such as nonsense, an uncomfortable physicality, and the physicality of language are translated by Vantournhout into theatre. On the border between dance, acrobatics, circus, and theatre, Red Haired Men creates a universe where people appear and disappear, and where humour and enchantment are never without risk. 'Wonderful to watch', according to the Theaterkrant.

Here to move you is the theme of the ninth edition of Cirque Mania. The artists come together from various disciplines in Korzo to bring you a special evening’s entertainment. An example is the merging of circus and the classical music department of Codarts in the joint presentation Elle; Louis Vanhaverbeke goes to work as a disc jockey in MULTIVERSE; and David Eisele explores the relationship between time and relative objects in Cycle. Red Haired Men by Flemish circus talent Alexander Vantournhout is a melting pot of disciplines where humour and enchantment are more important than the appropriate label. The very young can enjoy WIRWAR by Laura van Hal: a breathtaking circus theatre performance for the whole family. A boundless theatrical journey filled with spectacular acrobatics.

Program overview

Thu 26 March

20.00    Elle – Premiere 3rd year Codarts Circus Arts


Fri 27 March

19.00    Bookpresentation Grip -Toolkit for creating contemporary circus by Zinzi Oegema 

19.30    Elle – 3rd year Codarts Circus Arts

21.00    MULTIVERSE - Interdisciplinary performance artist Louis Vanhaverbeke


Sat 28 March

19.30    Red Haired Men – Circuschoreographer Alexander Vantournhout

21.00    Cycle – Premiere  of diabolo specialist David Eisele


Sun 29 March

13.00    Workshop Met en op elkaar bouwen – Circaso

15.00    WIRWAR (6+) – circustheatre for kids by Laura van Hal

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Cirque Mania #18: Cycle Cancelled

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21.00 - 21.50

Korzo Studio

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