Tailor-made education projects

In consultation with schools we can offer tailor-made programs for students 12 years of age and older. 


We offer the following options: 


We develop dance workshops in partnership with companies and Korzo makers. In these classes, the students are challenged while they learn movement material. The various subjects treated in the class can be transformed into movement in their own way. 


Regardless of how well you are prepared, there are always questions after a visit to the theatre. And what’s better than meeting the artists afterward in the flesh? Korzo hosts meet & greets so that you can talk with the artists about their experiences. 


A theatre has many hidden places where the public never goes, and they are filled with secret stories you never hear. Dancers warm up in the studios. The engineers prepare the sound installation and the lighting in the auditorium. Costumes are prepared. Korzo organises guided tours past all these places and tells about how a performance is made. With a little luck you may even see a dancer at work in one of the studios. 


In addition to educational activities around performances, Korzo can also offer a more elaborate dance package that is tailored to the specific needs of your school. The main aim is for young people to make acquaintance with various dance forms. In consultation with our school, we can put together a package in consideration of the following: 

  • classes within or outside school hours; 
  • classes at school or in one of Korzo’s studios; 
  • the possibility of concluding the project with a final presentation in Korzo; 
  • the possibility of achieving study credits; 
  • the possibility of contributing to one large presentation moment in the theatre; 
  • combining the classes with attending a professional performance in Korzo. 

Examples of tailor-made education projects 

Kunstroute – Johan de Witt Scholengroep

Success story tailor-made education 

Together with other art institutions in The Hague (HNT, Residentie Orkest, Kunstmuseum, Filmhuis), we developed long learning lines for the Johan de Witt Scholengroep. The main focus was on the development of creativity, critical thinking, and cooperation; these skills are then combined with subjects such as identity, globalisation, and sustainability.  

All first and second year students follow dance classes at the art campus of the Johan de Witt Scholengroep and visit Korzo. The third and fourth years students attend classes at the locations of the art institutions. In our studios they work on their own artistic product that they then present in the theatre auditorium. 

Gymnasium Haganum

Success story tailor-made education 

The fourth year students of the Gymnasium Haganum follow dance workshops in various styles in the course of a few days. They then choose one of the Korzo makers and instructors to develop their own piece in our studios in one day. At the end of the day, they present this piece to their friends/guardians/friends in one of Korzo’s auditoria.  

Projects 2023-2024 and Expedition C 

Schools in The Hague can also book performances at Korzo through Expeditie C - CultuurSchakel. The Expeditie C program will be posted on the CultuurSchakel website from 11 May and can be booked the whole year round. 

Website CultuurSchakel



For questions, advice and bookings, please contact:

Lisa de Groot
Lisa@korzo.nl | 070 363 7540 


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