School performances 2024-2025

School performances 2023-2024

Dance, music, circus and physical theatre; you will find it all in Korzo - theatre and makers' house in the heart of The Hague. For secondary schools, Korzo offers an educational programme.

Check out our selection of performances below. Can't wait and would you like to book a performance? Or are you curious about what else Korzo has to offer? Then contact Annelieke Plugge at annelieke@korzo.nl.

À mesure - Handle with care

A relationship requires hard work, on both ends. In À mesure - Handle with care, circus artists Monika Neverauskaitė and Elena Damasio show that a relationship is as fragile as an egg, but that you can make anything work with teamwork. À mesure - Handle with care is a warm and positive performance about finding the same rhythm with another person.

Maker: Accompany ME 
Date: Sondag 29 September 2024
Time: 16:00 - 16:50

Dansclick #26

DansClick is a national tour of the most exciting names in the dance world. This 26th edition features two short works by choreographers Sheree Lenting and Korzo-maker in residence Tú Hoàng. Sheree tells the untold stories by her female ancestors in I am my ancestors wildest dream, a performance full of power, wisdom and love. Tú’s piece False Memories dives into the reliability of our memory. Do we remember certain life events like it was or like we’d like it to be?

Makers: Sheree Lenting & Tú Hoàng
Date: Thursday 10 October 2024
Time: 20:15 - 21:15

Man met hoed

Man met Hoed is a theatrical circus party, filled with black bowler hats-wearing men who pop up everywhere. Director Jakop Ahlbom directed this festivalhit and made it into an absurdist show full of humor, film effects, slapstick and unexpected twists and turns. Man met Hoed recalls the confusion of ‘running into yourself’ and surprises audiences every step of the way.

Makers: Circusgezelschap Boost Producties  
Date: Friday 11 October 2024
Time: 20:15 - 21:15


Dutch collective De Dansers is known for their 'dance concerts': shows full of of energetic modern dance and live music. Their show Hush is about the concept of comfort, like a hand on your shoulder, a second voice that travels with you or a rhythm you can lean into. An energetic performance where musicians become dancers and dancers become musicians.

Makers: De Dansers
Date: Friday 17 April 2024
Time: 14:30 - 15:30

S.a.m. (stop annoying me)  

An immersive trip through the thoughts and feelings of 16-year-old Sam. Film, theater and live music merge during this performance. How do you find and maintain your own identity in a world that sometimes feels hostile? 

On stage, the adult Sam follows her on-screen appearing younger self as events from their lives unfold piecemeal. Young Sam struggles with fears and feelings of loneliness and ungriip. She seeks refuge in the world of film and music, where her own creativity and imagination are given space. The members of Cello Octet Amsterdam alternately play the roles of extras and musicians with music ranging from electronic pop and contemporary classical to alienating soundscapes. Thus film, music and theater come together to create a deeply personal performance about growing up and mental health. 

Makers: Dyane Donck Company & Cello Octet Amsterdam  
Date: zaterdag 3 mei 
Time: 20:15 - 21:15


What does it mean when you don’t belong to the dominant group? In TOBAN, choreographer Mohamed Yusuf Boss takes you on a journey to the complexities of experiencing unequal opportunities. TOBAN started as a deep seated research of the personal stories of Mohamed himself, the performers and children who took part in an exchange programme between Groningen and Katlehong in South-Africa.

Dates: Wednesday 29 January & Thursday 30 January
Time: tba



For questions, advice and bookings, please contact:

Lisa de Groot 
Lisa@korzo.nl | 070 363 7540 


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