Musical Utopias

Musical Utopias #3

Event in the past.

Musical Utopias #3 - 'in conversation'

On 15 & 16 January 2021 Ensemble Klang & Korzo present the third edition of Musical Utopias, a festival that brings together music-makers and artists striving to build new worlds.

While 2020 saw many real-life environments placed on hold, the world embraced artificial environments of all sorts, with people quickly finding new ways to create and communicate in these spaces. 

Musical Utopias #3 brings the living room back to the stage to explore these new layered environments and open communication. The programme sees composers converse with poets, film-makers, singers, choreographers, lighting designers and even Leonard Cohen, in a set of works that all stem from more than one creative voice: artistic dialogues that explore our current situation and look with hope to the future.



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