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More Than Movement

Dates 18, 19 20 July
Practitioners Fay van Baar, Ève-Marie Dalcourt, Alexander Ekman, Ben van Gelder, Catherine Moore, Andrew Richardson, Risa Steinberg
Duration 3 days

A three-day symposium for professional dancers which explores artistry in dance through multidisciplinary lectures, workshops and Q&A’s.

What is artistry? How do you apply artistry to movement? Are there methods to develop artistry?

Artistry is one of the most ambiguous subjects in dance, yet an integral part of being a performing artist. Over the span of three days, More Than Movement will conduct a series of collaborative and interdisciplinary masterclasses, lectures and Q&A’s, which will investigate the industry's definition of what it means to be a professional Performing Artist. Acknowledging the many different views, each practitioner and lecturer will be uniquely addressing different aspects of how we can define, develop, apply and explore Artistry.

Our goal is to create an open space for dialogue and collaborative learning. As an International Symposium, we hope to inspire an industry-wide dialogue which will continue to provide dancers with practical tools that help craft their artistic careers, and constantly maintain a strong level of creative agency.

July 18,19,20 
Each day will run from 9:30 to 17:30, including a 45-min lunch break.

Every day will consist of in-studio workshops, lectures and Q&A’s which revolve around the theme of artistry.

Optional and informal group bonding activities will be organized in the evenings.

  • Workshop with Ève-Marie Dalcourt Finding agency in repertoire work (including repertoire by Juliano Nunes)
  • Workshop with Fay van Baar, dancer NDT1. Using creativity and the power of imagination to gain confidence in our individual sense of artistry.
  • Workshop with Andrew Richardson, Actor & Director. A dramaturgical study of what Artistry means through the exploration of intention and purpose.
  • Workshop with Catherine Moore, Professor at Carnegie Mellon University. Embodying The Viewpoints
  • Lecture by Ben van Gelder, international jazz musician. Using images, stories, objects to structure music
  • Q&A with Alexander Ekman, choreographer and creator. How artistry comes into play as a choreographer.
  • Q&A with Risa Steinberg, teacher at Julliard, Elements of Performing
  • More guest artists coming soon…

Participation for the three days is €210 incl btw. This includes all workshops, lectures and Q&A’s.

Korzo Theater, Den Haag. Prinsestraat 42, 2513 CE Den Haag


  • The number of participants is limited to ensure an intimate setting for discussions and practice.
  • Applications will be accepted based on availability and entry requirements.
  • Applications will close June 25th.


Apply here


*For more information, contact morethanmovement.info@gmail.com


Event in the past.

More Than Movement


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