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Yoga Narada®

Docent J Ryan Carroll
Duration 90

Reduce your stress with this one hour yoga class

During this class, given by J Ryan Carroll, one moves from a sensory awareness of the physical body, to a progression of specific breath work, which activates and stimulates the nervous system. The focus is on inspired imagery and rhythmical structure. Through flowing movements, the class progresses with a series of standing, seated, lying and again standing sequences, concluding with an acknowledgement of oneself and the space around. Each person is brought back to the reality of both their external surroundings and their inner self. Yoga Narada® will not be the standard yoga class you might be used to from a Hatha Yoga. Yoga Narada® focusses on exercises that move continuously and fluidly. 

11:00 - 12:00 Yoga Narada®
12:00 - 12:30 Q&A. During this 30 minutes you’re given the chance to ask questions. 

Yoga Narada® (formerly Hilary Cartwright Yoga for Dancers) awakens the senses, stimulates the nervous system, and activates the body using breath. Moving fluidly through sequences, physical and mental blocks dissolve away, allowing the body to open up in new ways. Dancers and non dancers are welcome, because experience in yoga is not required and every body will feel the benefits.

Hilary Cartwright was a soloist with the Royal Ballet, and went on the become a ballet mistress and repetiteur. She and Juliu Horvath founded White Cloud Studio in New York. She spent over 25 years developing her own style of yoga that incorporates elements of Kundalini and Hatha techniques, as well as Taoist principles. Hilary's unique approach is now being taught by a select group of trainers to a wide range of students, including seniors and dancers at Paris Opera Ballet and American Ballet Theatre.

Read here more about Yoga Narada® and Hilary Cartwright: https://www.hilarycartwright.com/yoganarada

Since being in the Netherlands Ryan has had return guest teaching engagements at Amsterdam University of the Arts Expanded Contemporary Division, Conny Janssen Danst, ICK, De Dutch Don’t Dance Division, ARTez and Henny Jurriens Studio. J Ryan is also a regular guest teacher at Dutch National Ballet Academie. He recently represented Ernst Meisner and the Dutch National Ballet Academie at the 2023 YGP Barcelona Semi Finals where he taught and adjudicated at the competition. In April of 2023 he also represented Ernst Meisner and the Dutch National Ballet Academie at the Italian Dance Awards where he taught and adjudicated at the competition. He was a regular guest teacher at Ballet Arts, Peridance and Broadway Dance Center in NYC. He is an authorized Yoga Narada ® Teacher and a ballet teacher authorized in the Harkness Ballet Method, which was developed further by David Howard. J Ryan worked very closely under the tutelage of both Hilary Cartwright and David Howard over many years.

More info about J Ryan can be found here: https://www.jryancarroll.com/about

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Yoga Narada®



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