Korzo Zaal

Whispering a Prayer

Maker Zino Schat | Fractal Collective
Duration 60 min
Program lines So(ul)ciety
So(ul)cietySocietal issues are addressed in this work, however complicated they may be.

A visually stunning world full of mysticism, absurdity, beauty and cruelty

As a former street performer, Zino Schat has seen that culture can really make an impact. Different people standing side by side, experiencing a moment, forgetting about time. The urgency of this connection is greater now than ever, in a polarising world that drives people apart, with power structures destroying dreams.

 For ‘Whispering a Prayer’, Fractal Collective's choreographer and artistic director joins forces with visual artist Daijiro Hama to create a new world. A visually stunning world full of mysticism, absurdity, beauty and cruelty. A trio of dancers try to find their way in this new universe and engage in dialogue. They learn to listen and discover new ways to engage in conversation with each other. 

 ‘Whispering a Prayer’ came about after a trip to Japan: there, Zino was inspired by the Shinto faith and the symbolism of the Mitsudomoe sign, which is seen as a symbol of protection and balance. For this show, he collaborates with Daijiro Hama, a Japanese visual artist from Kyoto. His conceptual work always tells a story and he shares Zino's ambition to make the world a little better with each work. This performance is produced by Korzo - where Zino is house maker, Fractal Collective and NDT (Nederlands Dans Theater).


Since 2013, Korzo and Nederlands Dans Theater (NDT) have joined forces to give up-and-coming dance makers the best possible guidance and a suitable stage. Every year, they choose a choreographer they support to create a new production for touring. Zino Schat has been chosen for 2024. Antonin Rioche, Astrid Boons, Iván Pérez, Amos Ben-Tal, Samir Calixto, and Marina Mascarell preceded him.

Zino Schat (born 1989) is a Dutch/Moluccan dancer, choreographer and sound designer. He is the founder of Fractal Collective. Zino developed as a street performer and toured the world with his crew SkillDealers. His professional dance career started with dance company AYA and Solid Ground Movement, after which he also started developing as a choreographer. In recent years, he has worked on works with De Nationale Opera and the Nederlands Blazers Ensemble, among others. Since 2018, he has been one of Korzo's resident choreographers.

A dynamic collaborative initiative led by artistic director Zino Schat. Together with assistant choreographer Barbara Minacori and business leader Glenn Westphal, they form the driving force behind their non-profit Dance Theater organization.

Zino Schat, an impassioned choreographer, has crafted a unique dance language seamlessly merging contemporary dance with influences from the world of Hip-hop

Performance dates

Thu 12

Korzo Zaal World premiere

The Hague

Fri 13

Korzo Zaal

The Hague

Wed 18

Stadsschouwburg Utrecht taking place in Utrecht


Tue 24

Theater Bellevue, Amsterdam


Thu 26

Schuur, Haarlem takes place in Haarlem


Fri 18

LUX, Nijmegen takes place in Nijmegen


Wed 23

Theater Rotterdam takes place in Rotterdam


Wed 27

Theater Ins Blau, Leiden takes place in Leiden


Fri 29

AINSI, Maastricht takes place in Maastricht


Korzo Zaal

Whispering a Prayer


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