Korzo Zaal

UIT Festival

Duration 210 min
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Korzo opens the cultural season with an evening full of free performances.

Korzo is throwing its doors wide open. Come and experience what Korzo has to offer in the coming season and buy tickets with a special discount. From dance to music, from circus to a DJ in the foyer, together we will ring in the new season with a bang.



18:45 – 19:30 Meet the programmers of Korzo Foyer
19:15 – 19:30 Rutkay Özpinar Korzo Zaal
19:40 – 19:55 In Bloom - Mári Mákó Korzo Studio
20:05 – 20:20 House of Circus Korzo Zaal



20:55 – 21:10 Rutkay Özpinar Korzo Zaal
21:20 – 21:35 In Bloom - Mári Mákó Korzo Studio
21:45 – 22:00 House of Circus Korzo Zaal


22:00 – 00:00 DJ Shady Lady Foyer


There is no need to order or reserve tickets for this evening. You can just walk in!

In January, Rutkay Özpinar's newest creation Work Line will premiere. During the UIT Festival Rutkay shows the first sketches of this performance. 

About Work Line

Shepherd dogs are divided into three subspecies. Pet Line, Show Line and Working Line. Working lines are bred to serve and obey their boss at all times. They derive pleasure from what they learn, but can also be suppressed. Standing still is unknown to them. They derive satisfaction from their tasks, especially when rewarded.  
The analogy between dogs and humans can easily be found.  
We are conditioned by education, upbringing and society. We are taught to strive for success and perfection. All for the better. Because structure is necessary to prevent chaos, but in the meantime chaos is created within ourselves. What do all those structures do to us? Perhaps it brings pleasure, perhaps pressure.

Work Line focuses on the tension between the learned structure and the essence of mankind, being. 

About Rutkay Özpinar

Rutkay Özpinar has a broad dance background in hip hop, break dance, Turkish folk dance, classical ballet and modern dance. In his career, he has gone through remarkable developments that have brought him to his own dance language. His route starts with Bertha Huls through Boys Action at ArteZ (Arnhem) and later he follows the dance education at Codarts (Rotterdam) and is part of the first batch of The Dutch Junior Dance Division in The Hague. In 2014, at the age of 23, he started as the youngest choreographer in the Netherlands at Korzo. For his work Grip (2015) he won the BNG Bank Dance Prize and was nominated for the first edition of The Hague Piket Art Prizes.

A selection of new music, unearthed from the city’s fringes, blossoming in and around The Hague’s underbelly.

In Bloom is a concert series hosted by Korzo and curated by Hague-based composer/performers James Alexandropoulos-McEwan and Lise Morrison. They curate and present a showcase of young musicians, performers and composers, featuring works developed by their peers from the music and art scene of The Hague.

Mári Mákó

Mári Mákó (HU) is a composer and sound artist based in Rotterdam. In her solo practice, she plays with live electronics, which she combines with acoustic sound sources: voice, amplified instruments and objects. She is looking for unconventional music practices that space for her compositional processes where she challenges the ‘recital form’ of concerts.

Mári is designing her own performative tools with sensors and self-built oscillators. Due to her inventive music instruments, her sound has been described as a mix of the roots of industrial music, experimental electronic and glitch music contrasted with drone textures.

Circus and Drag: Two fantastic worlds that embrace each other. 

The artists of House of Circus create an evening full of wonderful characters who grab the spotlight to tell their own story. With contemporary circus and the glamour of drag, they create a dazzling universe that plays with the difference, evolution and fluidity of gender.

Circus artists Nick van der Heyden and Gemain Charlat explore the strengths and limitations of both worlds, let them flow together and put them in the spotlight. Incredibly sincere and fantastically fierce.

Shady Lady, a Sydney born (Amsterdam based) DJ, time-travels across genres with funky basslines and lyric-laden 1970s disco, 80s italo, protohouse, 90s house, soulful house and deep house. She matches her sound with a high energy and brightly coloured show of dance moves, extravagant outfits and lip syncs.

With a background in dance and theatre performance her DJ sets are far from ordinary. She is driven to make the dance floor move as much as she does, always pushing for palpable and joyous tracks. Shady Lady’s usual set is teaming with emotion, colour, a sense of kitsch aesthetic but with an eclectic knowledge of disco and house music.

© Sanja Marusic
© Sanja Marusic

Korzo Zaal

UIT Festival


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