Korzo Zaal


Artist Kalpanarts
Duration 60 min

How can we learn to trust in a world of distrust?

Trust unravels the complexity of trust in all its facets. Trust sits at the very core of our existence, determining our relationships and our outlook on life. But what does trust really mean? Do we dare to surrender to trust in a world where distrust often dominates?

Trust is performed by five dancers and features the enchanting voice of Spanish singer Paloma Lazaro Arteaga. In breathtaking duets, the performers show how trust can be built, broken and reclaimed, while the audience is taken on a journey of strength and vulnerability. This visually stunning performance is scored with a new composition by artist Simone Giacomini.

In Indian philosophy and society, trust revolves around letting go of the urge to control everything. It requires an inward journey to discover your core and strength. Only this way can you face the world with courageous steps and make well-considered choices. The Hindu concept of Maya, the veil of illusions, and the 'six healing sounds meditation' from Taoism, lay at the fundamentals of this particular choreography.

Kalpanarts is a contemporary dance collective with a colorful cast and supporters. Led by choreographer Kalpana Raghuraman, Kalpanarts bring Indian dance forms together with urban and contemporary dance, resulting in a unique form of theater. Indian sources of inspiration are molded and transformed, while other traditions and customs from other parts of the world also strongly inform the concept behind Trust. Characteristic is the use of footwork, hand gestures and strong facial expressions. Like a heartbeat, there is always a strong musical and rhythmic element present in the work.

Korzo Zaal



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