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Event in the past.

Theater voor Keti Koti: Remains of Violence

Maker Esmée Begemann
Duration 150 min

As part of Theater for Keti Koti, Esmée Begemann, in collaboration with Korzo, has put together a program in which the audience is invited to reflect on the complex and multifaceted identities we (co)live with in the Netherlands.  

Esmée shares a first preview of her new performance Remains of Violence, consisting of a number of scenes.

Complementing the performance there will be a contextual program consisting of an aftertalk with dramaturg Maarten van Hinte (RIGHTABOUTNOW INC.) and conversations and workshops led by Esmée Begemann and Stephanie Blake (intersectional social and climate activist). The evening will be concluded with a short performance of the Indonesian cellist and composer Alfian Emir Adytia. 

The contextual program will explore themes about the intersection of identities and what we can learn from each other and ourselves if we are more aware of this. How we move through the world, between privilege and marginality.


Theater voor Keti Koti
Theater for Keti Koti aims to bring the still unknown stories about our colonial past into our common consciousness. Through imagination, we work toward greater understanding and empathy in a connecting and inclusive society.

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This programme is accessible for English speakers

Esmée is creating her new performance Remains of Violence within Studio Jakop Ahlbom, about the intergenerational transmission of trauma. She wants to depict the experience of a woman dealing with intergenerational trauma. What remains of the history that took place in the homes we grew up in? 

Inspired by several Asian filmmakers and writers (Satoshi Kon, Kore-eda, Ocean Vuong) and her own experience of being from colonial descent, she wants to create a universe in which past, present, future, fantasy and dream world are constantly intertwined. 

On June 30, she will share a first preview consisting of several scenes.

Korzo Studio

Event in the past.

Theater voor Keti Koti: Remains of Violence


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