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Antonin Comestaz celebrates 10 years working as a choreographer

A wonderful anniversary: Antonin Comestaz has been working as a choreographer for a decade now. We've always followed him closely, when he was an in-house maker at Korzo, but also in his later career. That's why we've invited him to return to Korzo to celebrate this anniversary with us. During this night we present Antonin’s´work Ah oui? Pas. with the Bremen-based Ensemble Of Curious Nature and his new creation stay with Me (!)

Ah Oui? Pas. - Antonin Comestaz / Of Curious Nature

Do antecedents and initial conditions necessitate all life events? Or does chaos has a word to say in the equation? 'Chance is God walking around incognito.' This quote attributed to Albert Einstein is the starting inspiration for Antonin. In Ah oui? Pas. Antonin negotiates the old debate between chance and determinism. He has created this work for the ensemble Of Curious Nature. The six dancers of the Bremen-based ensemble come to The Hague to perform in this double bill. As if part of a quantum physics experiment, interact in a cascading chain reaction of events like human particles. Their puzzle-like games sometimes seem to result from a root cause; at other times, they seem probabilistic. Yet, coincidence and apparent chance have unexpected effects and the potential to alter the future. The invisible individual  decisions influence movements within the group, and suddenly the whole landscape is changed. 


A production by Of Curious Nature - TanzRAUM Nord gUG with Teo Otto Theater Remscheid and steptext dance project, funded by the Senator für Kultur Bremen, the Waldemar Koch Stiftung Bremen.

Concept, Choreography: Antonin Comestaz | Choreographic assistance, training management: Keith Chin/Mariko Koh | Dance: Tereza Hloušková, Dori Yen Chu Ku, Daiana Mankovska, Virginia Michailidou, Andrea Scarfi, Alice Zucconi | Music: Collage, Sonic Junkie | Costume: Antonin Comestaz | Light design: Carlos Heydt

stay with Me(!)

The vast theme of the romantic relationship, rich and varied, both in its forms and in its manifestations, is an eternal inspiration. Often considered as an inaccessible absolute, love ultimately has neither precise definition nor limits, as each couple is a story made up of unique subtleties. The piece's title, stay with Me (!), inspired by the 1979 city pop song Mayonaka no Door by singer Miki Matsumara, has a double meaning. In the romantic sense, it, of course, means "Don't leave me," but it can also mean "Keep up! Stick with me!" The fulfillment of the second meaning induces a necessary condition for a happy resolution of the first. Ultimately, stay with Me (!) is less of a piece about relationships than depicting a (fictitious) couple with their singularity in which bodies and minds attract, withdraw, chase, seek, and find each other. It is a simple slice of life where everyone may discover echo or dissonance within themselves.

Choreographer Antonin Comestaz invites you to see an exclusive preview of his new work.

During an Open Studio, you get a closer look at a new work of a creator. Every year, we open up our Korzo Studio for you to have a taste of work in progress. The audience sees an exclusive sneak peek and is also the first critic: after the preview, there's always a talk with the maker of the piece.

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After a dance career in renowned companies, Antonin Comestaz leaped into freelancing as a choreographer, a journey that started in 2013 under the wing of Korzo. In the following years, Antonin kept refining his choreographic voice creating several works for the house and touring in the Netherlands. In this period, Antonin established a name for himself with his atypic choreographic writing, absurd, humorous, poetic, and utterly distinguishable from current dance trends. Over the past few years, he has been successfully exporting himself internationally, producing commissioned pieces for companies and dance academies in Europe and Asia. 2023 marks the tenth anniversary of Antonin's choreographic debut. For this occasion, he and Korzo got the exciting idea to offer a jubilee double bill evening of Antonin's new works. This celebration program is in several respect significant in that it is, for Antonin, a transition between a ten-year artistic trajectory and the being of a new cycle into his creative path, along with his return to his root house Korzo and the Dutch audience.  

Of Curious Nature is a contemporary dance company made up of artists from all over the world and based in Northwest Germany. The diversity of backgrounds and experience adds to a rich and unique artistic identitythat is entirely dedicated to contemporary dance. The movement language is intense, approachable, emotional, and inspired by the impulses of the world's current environment. The wide-ranging audience is drawn by the choreographies, created by artistic director Helge Letonja and international guest choreographers, into a varied and surprising dance experience.

Korzo Zaal

Event in the past.



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