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Rizoom Atelier

Makers Rizoom Atelier
Duration 90 min

An evening of brand new music, try-outs and unique previews from the creators of Rizoom.

Every year we throw open the doors of the rehearsal room and the halls, try out fragments and make you part of music in the making. 

During this evening you will get a personal glimpse of the Rizoom Foundation's talents in various ways. This year again, several young creators - with a contribution from Stichting Rizoom - are developing their own projects. And you can't have a performance without an audience. You are cordially invited to witness these unique previews. 

Rizoom is a platform that guides, programs and facilitates talented innovative makers. We do this within an organizational model that no longer distinguishes between functions such as production, talent development and presentation. The Rizoom network gives the new generation of makers opportunities to research and experiment. In a sustainable and structural way and for a fair fee. In doing so, Rizoom as a network adds something essential to the landscape of contemporary music.  

The Rizoom Foundation is a collaboration of Korzo, Muziekgebouw aan 't IJ, de Doelen, Intro in Situ, Gaudeamus, November Music and Asko|Schönberg.  

In Motus Sonus (working title) Alesya Dobysh and Max Frimout join forces for an interdisciplinary research on the musicality of the movement and physicality of the sound. Alesya Dobysh (1989) is a dancer and choreographer with a background in House Dance and Max Frimout (1999) is a musician with a focus on generative and spatial composition. Based on their own fascination, they are developing a joint practice in which the exchange between dance, music and technology becomes one process. Alesya and Max create a circular dialogue between mover and musician: a sound-generating process is controlled by physical movement and vice versa.

Show Pony  (Laura Nygren) & Tatiana Rosa will present an audio visual study of Massancummock (or Faulkner’s Island), a tiny eroding island in Long Island Sound poised to disappear into the sound by 2026. Using data of the changing coastlines and webcam footage of this well documented bird sanctuary the two depart into a sea of synthesizer, vocal, and visual exploration. 

An arrowhead indicates the first inhabitants of Massancummock lived between 1000 – 3000 B.C. It was an island used for summer hunting and fishing trips of the Original People. Its current inhabitants are a handful of endangered roseate terns who use the rocky shoreline and tall grass for mating . This island  is but a drop in the bucket of places that will disappear or be redefined in the coming decades due to climate change. In their musical depiction of this Nygren & Rosa hope to make unfathomable changes of the world around us fathomable.

Bringing together the thoughts, hopes, and imaginations of 200 minds who happen to be 11 and 12 years old, Book of Premonitions is changing the way that opera is made. From one small question and tiny objects from the future, the first Book is waiting to be opened. Our performance at the Rizoom Atelier turns the first pages of a newly published experimental score. Directors Luke Deane and Christine Cornwell offer 3 short performative readings to give an impression of what it takes to make an opera with hundreds of child librettists.

Biometric Composition is an ongoing exploration on how to translate subtle bodily changes of the audience into an immersive experience. Listening to- and the sharing of your bodily data is weirdly intimate. How we act and interact will directly influence our bodies and thus the generated data. This gives you the opportunity to play and shape the sounds while listening to the bodies around you. Somewhere between meditation and techno-party, you’ll find an equilibrium across bodies.

Biometric Composition is part of a series of works surrounding the use of realtime data to compose sounds. Christy Westhovens (1995, Maastricht) is an artist, researcher and programmer. Her starting point lies in the physical processes that continuously surround us. Driven by her curiosity, she will take you through microscopic landscapes, live generated poetry, or interactive soundscapes based on your own data.'

Homo to Humus is a film research about the relationship between humans and the thing they call nature. About silence and space. Slowly we have distanced ourselves from nature and filled it up with concrete, buildings, places where we can ‘grow’. But what is growth? Is more, faster and bigger not a decline? 

In this film installation by Mees Vervuurt a performer tries to become one with her surroundings, searching for a silence, a way of being together with nature. She seems to want to ‘ungrow’, fade away and find a new relation to the earth. But what if she is there, dissapeared in the sand? Completely one with her surroundings, silent. If only the humus speaks. Then what?

Soundartist Gemma Luz Bosch is at the moment researching the sound of clay. She is fascinated about the many possible sound textures you can extract from this material. This evening Gemma invites you to listen to what she calls the purest sound of clay: Clay Breath. In this concert the clay itself will be the musician who makes sound by “breathing” under water. The air in the dried clay escapes towards the surface of the water and it’s fascinating how it constantly creates different sounds. The process is unpredictable, it lives its own life. The clay melts, vanishes, decays in the water.

Korzo Zaal

Event in the past.

Rizoom Atelier


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