Korzo Zaal

Event in the past.


Makers Veenfabriek
Duration 105 min

An exciting cocktail of mansplaining, pole dancing and social debate. In a sultry nightclub, two "men in power" try to make the world a fairer place.

Not far from the Peace Palace in The Hague, in a posh nightclub, the drinks are too expensive, the acts too seductive and the guests men radiating power. Even here, work goes on. The Universal Declaration of Human Rights is 75 years* old and a speech needs to be written.

But first we talk a bit about state immunity and reparations. About this afternoon's job interviews and the importance of public debate. Why is everything so damn unfair?

While drinks flow richly, they attempt to solve the world's problems once and for all. In a cocktail of mansplaining and pole dancing; with the whisky on the table and distracted by the night's entertainment, these 'men in power' try with all their might to do the right thing.

*On 10 December, the Universal Declaration of Human Rights really is 75 years old; in honour of that anniversary, Veenfabriek plays this extra performance.

RECHT was written and directed by Joeri Vos. For his performances, he always does extensive research. He attended International Criminal Court and Court of Justice cases in The Hague and interacted with lawyers, judges and prosecutors. He asked them about the practicalities, their idealism, frustrations and unctuous stories about parties after working hours. How do they deal with the pressure and responsibility their work brings?

Veenfabriek is making RECHT inspired by the question "What are you doing right?" RECHT is the second part of triptych the Slap. As with the previous performance KRANT (2022) and third part HULP (2024), in RECHT Vos portrays people who (more or less) professionally relate to a major and disruptive event on the world stage, a devastating disaster: De Klap. The performances in this triptych stand alone, but seeing and hearing all three is, of course, warmly recommended.

Text and director Joeri Vos
Musical leader Bastiaan Woltjer
Music and performance Phi Nguyen, Roland Haufe, Niki Verkaar, Shanice Redan, Milena Haverkamp, Bastiaan Woltjer en Berend Jak
Installation John van Oostrum
Costume design Vita Coenen en David Fikkert
Designer Mats Boswijk
Choreography advisor Klaus Jürgens
Productional leader Diane du Pont
Technicians Roland Dirkse en Joris Schipper
Publicity and marketing Lies Mensink en Anna Musch
Photography campagne image Anne Harbers
Sales Bureau Berbee & Jansen
Special thanks to Teun Smits

Korzo Zaal

Event in the past.




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