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Two powerful performances make a mighty double bill 

A double bill with power: Lloyds Company and Sheree Lenting join forces for a major double bill. You will see POWER by Lloyd Company and POWER II – “I am my ancestors wildest dream” by Sheree Lenting, both performances that highlight origins, power and creativity from two perspectives.

Lloyd Marengo, Maikel Walker and Bosila Banya aka B-Boy Junior are three key figures from the Breakdance. With mileage aplenty under their belts, they are still going strong with dancing and creating in their own distinct way, never taking  the beaten paths. With the performance POWER, the three join forces to give movement and dance some new, thrilling impulses. 

In POWER, Marengo, Walker and Banya look at their African roots and the influence it has on their chosen discipline  and daily lives. They look back on their career to date, their shared background, the differences, the similarities and the development from street to traditional forms. 

In a combination of dance, play and music by Maikel Walker and choreography by Lloyd Marengo, the boys share their setbacks, successes and vision of hip hop. 

Through the eyes of Choreographer Sheree Lenting, you'll look into the wildest dreams of her foremothers(matriarchs). In the performance by choreographer Sheree Lenting, she takes you into their now untold stories from the past, present and the future.

She questions, explores and cherishes her lineage of women. The dancers are the embodiment of the stories. In them, Cicely Wijnaldum and Ciara Hiwat take you into womanhood. With the POWER, wisdom and love of their female ancestors as their legacy, they look confidently towards their future.

Lloyd Marengo (1973) grew up in the rough-and-tumble Rotterdam of the eighties and learned to dance on the street. In the 1990s, his hangout in Rotterdam West became the epicentre of hip-hop in the city. Lloyd made a splash with 010 B-boys who achieved worldwide success and put Rotterdam hip hop and street culture on the map. Lloyd is one of the founders of the Hiphophuis, he worked with Scapino and Conny Janssen Danst, among others, and his work was shown during the Nederlanse Dansdagen where he won the Golden Swan in 2022. With his own platform Lloydscompany, Lloyd Marengo builds bridges between the street and the theatre. 

Maikel Walker (1969) has been active in the breaking scene since 1984 and danced in various shows, television programs and theatre productions. In the battle scene, Maikel won the power battles at the International Breaking Event (IBE) in 2002, something no other Dutchman has achieved to this day. Maikel worked with, among others, the London hip-hop theatre director Jonzi D, was seen during the Olympic Games in Athens and made a duet with Gihan Koster for the Holland Dance Festival and Oerol under the banner of the Rotterdam Maas theatre. Maikel Walker's dance style inspires dancers in the breaking scene worldwide. He previously collaborated with Lloyd Marengo on a performance for Theater Rotterdam's Dance Week. 

Junior Bosila Banya (1981) is considered one of the best breakdancers in the world. From an early age Junior was focused on dance and movement. Only later did he discover that what he was doing existed as breakdancing. Junior's unprecedented talent was noticed, he was picked up by several international dance crews. He belongs to the Wanted Posse, the Red Bull BC One All Stars and the Berlin Flying Steps. Online, Junior is one of the most watched breakdancers on the planet, with videos viewed tens of million times. 

Sheree Lenting is a Rotterdam dance artist, program maker and teacher with Surinamese roots. Through movement and film she brings together multiple art forms in her work. She is a born storyteller. Sheree draws from her experiences in society as a black woman to create art that is reflective of our times. Sheree has a Bachelor's degree in Dance & Education from the Amsterdam University of the Arts and has traveled through the African diaspora to hone her practice, which focuses on hip hop and African dance forms. Her mission is to uplift, inspire and transform the world through her art. 

Korzo Zaal

Event in the past.



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