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Pole dancing at the intersection of personal and public space  

Yvonne Smink, a multiple Dutch pole dancing champion, is making waves internationally. In POLES, choreographer Guilherme Miotto underlines her strong technique and, above all, lets the joy of Yvonne's no-nonsense appearance shine.  

Carefully but with dogged determination, Yvonne makes her way through the steel tube construction that Guilherme presents to her. At the intersection of personal and public space, Yvonne explores the intermediate zone between physicality and intimacy.  


 Corpo Máquina Society works from Tilburg and Breda on professional performances for the theater circuit, often accompanied by participatory projects.  

“There is a dancer hiding inside every person,” says choreographer and artistic director Guilherme Miott, someone who is fascinated by people who completely identify with a specific form of exercise. Poles is the third full-length performance in a series of solos that he creates for obsessive body movers. He previously created Rise Up (2014) for world breakdance champion Menno van Gorp and Ball (2018) for freestyle footballer and world groundmoves champion Nasser El Jackson. In all his work, Miotto shows that theatricality can be expressed through everyday things and that everyone has theatrical powers. Instinctive Performance , his self-coined approach to movement and dance, is always the starting point. 

Miotto himself danced with Bruno Listopad, Krisztina de Châtel and Emio Greco, among others, before he started to focus on making his own work at the Tilburg-based ensemble TRASH. In 2013 he made his first duet Unpunished with Johnny Lloyd. Before he started producing his work himself with his company Corpo Máquina Society, he worked with Korzo, DansBrabant and Podium Bloos, among others. One major characteristic of Miotto is that he also shares his work with an audience in forms other than 'the performance as a finished product'. 

Natalia Amelia Saied will host a visit to Poles including a pre- and after show tune in session.
Let’s meet at Korzo to warm up before entering the venue to witness a pole-virtuous, and then stay after to cool down and check what impressions are still alive.

In this group date, we will tune in to our perception through body engagement. As Korzo's slogan says: here to move you!
Open to everybody, any-body

15:00 Arrival and the first part.
Gravity are you there? fall-and-catch, fall-and-catch, fall and cat-fall
// short break //
16:00 second part:
Poles by Corpo Máquina Society
(about 60 minutes)
17:00 third part: reflection in movement or moving impressions, or …

Grab a friend and come!

You can register via email nataliaamelia@gmail.com
Please mention how many you will join.
I will reply with further information and a discount code for the tickets.
Korzo kindly offers a 5 € discount for participants and also facilitates Club Korzo - a quiet space to meet up.

Korzo Zaal

Event in the past.



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