Korzo Zaal

Open Canvas

From dreamy and dark to euphoric and explosive with DJ Talismann and JLIN 

Open Canvas a project that finds percussion group HIIIT seek collaboration with a new generation of makers; digital natives who create music via laptops and think in sound and samples. 

On this evening, HIIIT will play together with Guy Blanken aka DJ Talismann. In addition to work from their joint album Krysalis from 2019 (released at the time under the moniker Slagmann), new works will be presented live as well. 

When HIIIT and Talismann join forces, an adventurous synthesis of hypnotic rhythm patterns, organic soundscapes and fascinating scenography spills forth. Sometimes dreamy and dark, at other times euphoric and explosive. This enchanting cross-pollination between ritual percussion and drum machines will transport you to the darkest depths of electronics and classical minimal music. 

Also on the program: three works written especially for the ensemble by renowned footwork producer JLIN. She recently released her album Akoma on Planet Mu Records; a whirlwind of eclectic upbeat percussion. It is no coincidence that Open Canvas is one of the highlights of that record. 

HIIIT is a frontline of innovative sound virtuosos, performing artists and multi-deployable co-creators. HIIIT's sound embraces diversity, from traditional percussion to unconventional sound sources such as porcelain and 3D printed instruments. Together with contemporary artists and makers, they explore new musical horizons and stimulate innovation and experimentation in the music world.

Korzo Zaal

Open Canvas


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