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Event in the past.

India Dance Festival: My Pitṛs + Elly & Me

Produced by Korzo
Directed by Leo Spreksel
Part of India Dance Festival

Poernima Gobardhan from The Hague (NL) has been involved in the India Dance Festival for many years. In 2018 she presented her first contemporary solo Mata with which she left a deep impression on the press and public.

This versatile choreographer takes center stage at the opening of the India Dance Festival 2021. Via a digital stream she presents her new solo performance My Pitṛs in combination with Elly & Me. An inspiring double-bill in which elements from classical Indian Bharatanatyam are used to reflect on current events.

My Pitṛs

The solo My Pitṛs (my ancestors) questions the linear sense of time. Our present cannot be understood without the past. The past and history of our ancestors also play a decisive role in our individual timeline. Time is circular in which the past, the present and the future are connected; your ancestors are connected to your life, you stand on their shoulders. In this way, every life is preserved in the thoughts of subsequent generations. In a linear sense of time, death is the end of a life. In a circular sense of time, death is a transition to another phase.

choreography & dance Poernima Gobardhan | direction Leo Spreksel | light design Albert Tulling

Elly & Me

In 2019 Poernima made the solo Elly & Me for the CaDance Festival, based on the novel Eline Vere by The Hague writer Louis Couperus. The solo shows how Poernima relates to Eline, a beautiful, seductive woman who is somewhat dreamy and romantic in nature, but at the same time shows a secret rebellion and does not want to conform to the expectations of society. The 19th-century character shows poignantly many similarities with the woman of today. With sky-high paradoxical expectations and so-called taboo-transcending culture, it seems even easier to lose yourself in misery. Or has the emancipated woman from the west long been cleared of these kinds of plagues? Free from fears and depression?

choreografie & dans Poernima Gobardhan | regie Leo Spreksel | lichtontwerp Albert Tulling | muziek Peter Lemmens | kostuum Rekha Rani

Live aftertalk

After the performance there is a live aftertalk with Poernima Gobardhan.

Join the conversation in Zoom


Photography Frank Bol
© Frank Bol
© Frank Bol

Korzo Studio X

Event in the past.

India Dance Festival: My Pitṛs + Elly & Me


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