Korzo Zaal

Mi Pret'i Wowo

Artist Junadry Leocaria
Duration 60 min

Father and daughter reunite once again

Mi Pret'i Wowo (the apple of my eye) is an interdisciplinary rhythmic quest for connection and healing. A duet danced by choreographer Junadry Leocaria and her father, former professional dancer Junny Candido Maduro.

Afro-Caribbean dance styles, Latin, Waacking and live visual storytelling come together in a performance that highlights the complexity of the relationship between father and daughter. It shows the vulnerable side of a proud man longing for forgiveness, compassion and love from his daughter. Through film, live drawings and storytelling, visual artist Richard Kofi also portrays a rich past of dance traditions and cultures passed down from generation to generation.

Mi Pret'i Wowo takes you to a world where collective healing is central, weaknesses are allowed to be shown and space is created for new stories.

Junadry Leocaria (Willemstad, 1985) is a striking presence in Dutch urban dance theater. Her professional dance career began at the age of 18 with ISH Dance Collective. Leocaria then went on to Don't Hit Mama, where she spent eight years cultivating her skills.

In developing her distinctive style, Leocaria's knowledge of Curaçao's intangible heritage is influential. This is reflected in her award-winning short film Imprenta (2021) and her performances Sugar Coated (2017), Ta(m)bu (2018) and Mi Alma (2023) all made in collaboration with Korzo, The Hague.

Since delving into the cultural heritage of Curaçao, its roots, the history of slavery, connection, healing, ancient dance traditions and rituals, she has set herself the goal of liberating the audience (and herself) through dance. This deepening of her work resulted in special collaborations with museums such as the Mauritshuis, Rijksmuseum, Dutch Photo Museum and Museum Rembrandthuis, among others.

Junadry is a raw, pure creator, who like no other makes dance the stakes of emotion. With her unique style she is an authentic addition to the Dutch dance scene.

The interviews that take place during Junadry's research trips as well as the follow-up interviews are processed into podcasts. These episodes will be published on the podcast platform "Project Wiaspora." You can listen the podcasts here: https://www.richardkofi.com/projectwiaspora

Korzo Zaal

Mi Pret'i Wowo


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