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Meet the Next

Duration 90 min
Part of Future Heroes
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Korzo has joined forces with four dance schools in the Netherlands for a new, varied program that introduces you to the future generation of dance artists. Each course adds its own color to the dance landscape. They train students who aspire to a future as dancer or maker and who work hard every day to achieve that.

In Meet the neXt dance and choreography students from various years of the study program take their first steps on the professional stage. Come see and enjoy a diversity of dancers, styles and makers. Towards a future in dance!

Thursday 23 June: CODARTS (Tilburg), FONTYS (Tilburg)
Friday 24 June: Koninklijk Conservatorium (Den Haag)
Saturday 25 June: ARTEZ (Arnhem) *

* On Saturday there will be a DJ after the performance: Slick Mister Vinz

PLEASE NOTE! On Saturday June 25th, The Hague celebrates Veteran Day. Several roads and bus/tram stops will be inaccessible. Plan your journey well in advance. 

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CODARTS (Rotterdam)

  1. Baby X

Choreography: Joost Vrouenraets
Duration: 10 minuten

   2. Cherry Pepper Flavour

Choreography: Thomas Tardieu
Duration: 10 minuten

   3. Peters

Choreography: Fernando Troya
Duration: 10 minuten 

   4. D.N.A.

Choreography: Andrea Lippolis
Duration: 6 minuten

   5. Solo

Choreography: Enzo Boffo
Length: 3 minuten

   6. Event Horizon

Choreography: Maciej Kuźmiński
Duration: 10 minuten

   7. Grief Point

Choreography: Chris Roosenburg
Duration: 10 minuten




  1. Vessels NO MORE’

Choreography: Ghaliah Conroy (4th year Bachelor Choreography) 

Duration: 17min 


  1. ‘Vaarwel’ (4th year Bachelor Dance Arts in Context, Contemporary Urban).

Choreography and performance: Nathalie Schmidt 

Duration: 5min 


  1. Solo

Choreography and performance: Anna Tafel (3rd year Bachelor Choreography). 

Duration: 5min 


    4. Duet piece from Nora Ní AnluainFay (3rd year Bachelor Choreography).

Duration: 15min 


    5. Solo piece from Twan van Diest (3rd year Bachelor Choreography).

Duration: 15min 


1. Video’s dance academies


2. Public warm-up classical ballet, given by Mariette Redel
with students from Bachelor Dance 3 & 4, and Royal Conservatoire Dance Ensemble.


3. Caught in the Fire
Choreography: Sàmanja Flos
Music: Radiohead
Dancers: Esmee Boevink, Floortje Steen.


4. Introduction by the principal of Royal Conservatoire Dance, Jan Linkens.


5. In the Between
An improvisation score by Michael Schumacher in collaboration with the students.

Music: Brian Eno
Dancers: Faile Bakker, Senna Dewulf, Annakha Flos, Nanaho Kugawa, Elaine Meijerink, Boaz Molenkamp, Pascalle Opentij, Moet Tsukada, Annamarie Westrik, Hinako Yukimoto.


6. A Brothers Bond

Choreography: Faile Bakker
Music: Guzman Calzada Llorente
Dancers: Jelle-Johannes Hendrix, Hiroki Inokuchi.


7. Interview with Faile Bakker.


8. Handman (fragment)

Choreography: Edward Clug
Staging: Aya Misaki
Music: Milko Lazar
Dancers: Esmee Boevink, Sàmanja Flos, Hiroki Inokuchi, Nanaho Kugawa, Boaz Molenkamp, Pascalle Opentij, Femmie Packbier, Floortje Steen, Alicia Vaseo.

ARTEZ Danscademie (Arnhem)


    1. Thin Streak 

Choreography: Astrid Boons
Duration: 15 minutes 

    2. M.I.D.S.(U).M.R 

Choreography:  Eldad Ben Sasson
Duration: 16.min 

    4. Screen Touch 

Choreography: Amit Palgi
Duration: 10 Minutes 

(Part of a longer piece) 

     5. Stick with Me 

Choreography:  Rune Leysen  &  Mireia Varón Gallofré
Duration: 8- 9  minutes 

     6. Monster Piece  

Choreography: Roni Yaacobi and David Feenstra
Duration: 8 minutes 

Korzo Zaal

Event in the past.

Meet the Next


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