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An ode to the process

Meander describes the ongoing process of transformation, from the subtlety of small shifts to the intensity of radical changes. How do we experience the urge for something new and when do we feel the need for what is familiar?  Separately, Marta & Kim, Knot on Hands and Felix Zech won an impressive number of awards, and now they are joining forces. We can't wait to see where this golden combination leads. 

On stage, six circus and dance creators weave a visual tapestry of movement and sound. With intertwined bodies, they question their individuality. Sliding and climbing over and under each other, they seek height in a quest for support. They illuminate the frictions and ruptures between them as celebrations of resilience and the potentially unexpected beauty of imperfection.  

Our view of the world is constantly changing through how we interact with our environment and each other. By breaking away from traditional power relations, Meander creates a space where each moment can bring a new discovery, a new question, or a new insight. Less control, more space to unfold. We don’t push towards a specific goal or direction, but trust that by moving and engaging we are already going the right way -with all the necessary detours. In Meander, the viewer is invited to embrace ongoing change, to feel how the interpretation of the past continuously evolves, depending on how we experience the here and now. Meander is an ode to the process, and invites for surprises of playful interaction and self-reflection. 

Meander is a new work that is still being created. On Thursday the 10th of October, the creators will open their rehearsal studio and give a unique glimpse into their creation process. It is an encounter between the audience, the creators and the work-in-progress. We highly recommend seeing both preview and performance, because you see where a work comes from and how much can still change in the final stages of a creation process. It is mandatory to reserve a free ticket for the Open Studio. Reserve your ticket here!

After numerous cross-pollinations, Knot on Hands, Felix Zech, and Marta & Kim finally join forces. Together, they have already won the BNG Bank Prize three times, were selected for Aerowaves and CircusNext, were nominated for the Prijs van de Nederlandse Dansdagen, and performed their own work more than 400 times domestically and abroad. Under the wings of production houses TENT and Dansateliers, they realize their dream of making a performance together with Meander.  

Knot on Hands (Britt, Mario, and Tijs) create remarkable shows with their playful collaborations and powerful acrobatics. Their first show, Brace for Impact, was noted for its sensitive and original language of movement. Since then, they have been touring PASSING BY, and past winter their theater show CONCRETE.  

During Surface with Familiar Faces, Felix Zech developed a passion for deconstructing traditional circus techniques. Like a sculptor cutting away excess wood, Felix transforms acrobatic skills into innovative and surprising movement material.  

Marta & Kim are known for their fluid integration of circus and dance. Their interest in human contact is at the core of their work. In ENGEL, FASE, and Our Arms Grew Together, we see how they create accessible images by bringing forward simple, physical metaphors. 

Korzo Zaal



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