Korzo Zaal

Man met Hoed

Artist Boost Producties
Duration 60 min

By popular demand: Jakop Ahlbom's men in bowler hats are back!

A scenography full of surprising perspectives: five men in black bowler hats emerge from all corners. Without exchanging a single word, they switch roles from each other’s mirror image, companion and opponent. A comparison with the absurdist paintings of René Magritte is quite obvious.

In 2009, the festival rendition of Man met Hoed – a collaboration between artistic director Lennie Visser of circus company Boost Producties and director Jakop Ahlbom – was critically acclaimed, with more than 100 performances in total, described as 'A fun combination of happenings resulting in hilarious discoveries'. This breakthrough led to the making of a theater version in the Netherlands and Belgium in 2016. Now, by popular demand, this surreal circus performance full of poetry, slapstick and absurdism is back in the theaters.

Man met Hoed is what you call a theatrical circus party, a depiction of the rib-tickling confusion of 'running into yourself'. Directed by Jakop Ahlbom, this is an absurdist performance full of offbeat humor, cinematic effects, weightlessness and unexpected jumps. A performance full of strange twists and turns, with lots of, uhm, hattitude.


Lennie Visser has a great passion for circus and, with circus company Boost Productions, creates associative circus performances in which movement interacts with visually powerful, dynamic stage images. In collaboration with various creators and through interdisciplinary research in the crossovers of circus, dance, theatre and visual arts, she develops surprising and visual acrobatic theatre. 

Korzo Zaal

Man met Hoed


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