Korzo Zaal

Meet the Next: In Bloom

Artists Rafaele Andrade, Mehrnaz Khorami, Vitali Karagkezidis
Duration 105 min

In Bloom is a recurring concert series in Korzo curated by The Hague-based composer Lise Morrison. She curates and presents a showcase of young musicians, projects, performers and makers, developed by her peers from the music and art scene of The Hague. In Bloom's mission fits perfectly with our Meet the Next-series, wherein we present young makers who deserve the spotlight.

This edition presents three artists who investigate the world that their work is created in and how their work relates to that societal context. Issues about reality, the post-truth society, and computational innovation VS. human beings’ bodies and thoughts are often delved into by these three composer-performers: Rafaele Andrade, Mehrnaz Khorami and Vitalis Karagkezidis.

Rafaele Andrade is a composer, instrument maker, and cellist currently based in the Netherlands. 

Rafaele's contributions encompass reflection and exploration of technological advancements and innovative audience engagement strategies. This passion led her to develop her own string-based instrument, Knurl. Through Knurl, she has performed at prestigious venues across the globe. 

With a keen focus on sustainability, creative programming, public engagement, internationalisation, and design thinking, Rafaele's artistic journey is a testament to her unwavering commitment to pushing the boundaries of artistic expression and driving positive change in society. 

Mehrnaz (Maggie) Khorrami is an electro-acoustic composer based in Den Haag, Netherlands. 

Mehrnaz’s compositions integrate diverse sounds, including custom-made acoustic instruments, urban spaces, and synthesised sound generated and manipulated through creative coding. 

Emerging from a classical violinist's lineage, she will present a performance for electric violin and electronics that integrates bodily engagement and computational innovation. By harmonising her physical movements with intricately designed creative coding, an enigmatic exploration of conflict and contrast is unravelled. 

Vitali Karagkezidis is a composer, producer and multi-instrumentalist from Greece. His music is inspired by Language and Politics and it aims to reflect on main debates and situations of the modern world. His idea of experimental art relies on the liberation of structural control and its assignment to non-musical sources. His work is based on the concept of cross-media translation, especially the translation of linguistic forms to musical ones, a subject of his research. 

Vitali will perform ‘Flash & Motion’ for guitar and voice, a spoken song about being a human in the post-truth times, about the alienation of the subject from its environment despite (and because of) efforts to stay up to date with it. 

Korzo Zaal

Meet the Next: In Bloom


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