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Event in the past.

Moving Futures Festival: Hissy Fit

Creator Christian Guerematchi
Duration 30 min
Part of Moving Futures Festival


"These guys are caught in a culture that generates billions for luxury brands, but only impoverishes neighbourhoods like Zuidoost."


In Hissy-Fit, Christian Guerematchi dances with Mark 'Brui5er' Sheats and Michael Wanga in a musical trio that deals with the culture of violence that is linked to black identity. But what does this do to fragile boys who are searching for masculinity and acceptance?

Carried by the raw energy of drill music, three black bodies experience their 'hissy-fit'; the state of mind that triggers an emotional outburst. They hide behind masks and an intoxication that gives them a frightening power. They are trapped in their own bodies, and in frustration they seek a way out. The result is an explosive display of "masculinity".  This is accompanied by the feeling of powerlessness of people of colour. An emotional state that eats away at you, makes your emotions explode and seems to ultimately confirm imposed stigmas.

In Hissy-Fit, Christian draws on the virile dance styles breakdance and krump, the popular music movement drill rap and Afrofuturism. With live video projections, the performers bring their turbulent inner world close to the audience.


About Christian Guerematchi
Christian Guerematchi is a Slovenian choreographer and performer with a background in ballet and contemporary dance. He danced with the National Ballet in Maribor under the direction of Edward Clung, after which he moved to the Netherlands with ICK Amsterdam. In 2012, he was nominated for the Zwaan Best Dance Performance for his role in ROCCO by Emio Greco and Pieter C. Scholten. His making started with 'White Noise' (2019) in collaboration with Otion and in 2020 Christian made his solo performance N.A.M. - Non Aligned Movement; an afro-futuristic journey to the Balkans.

In Hissy-Fit he again wants to broaden the concept of Black Identity in dance. Christian searches for new meanings and relationships of black people in Western society. Dance is the perfect means to do this, using the language of the body to seek out connections with ourselves and others. That is why he opts for an interdisciplinary approach in which he delves into different movement languages, which he analyses, deconstructs and gives meaning to in his own way.


Artistic Direction Christian Guerematchi
Choreography & Performance Christian Guerematchi, Mark ‘Brui5er’ Sheats & Michael Wanga
Visuals & Scenography Tony Sacharias
Music Composition Michael Wanga
Costumes Jonathan Ho

Korzo Zaal

Event in the past.

Moving Futures Festival: Hissy Fit


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