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Event in the past.

Het verrotte leven van Floortje Bloem

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In 2023, choreographer and dancer Lonneke van Leth will be on stage for 30 years. She will once dance this special performance herself, based on the book by writer Yvonne Keuls!

In this heart-touching dance adaptation, a selection of characters from the original book are diametrically opposed in a popular talk show setting. They are discussing who is to blame for Floortje Bloem's hard and intense life. Because the talk show host is mainly interested in sensational emo television, the characters get bogged down in a hardened and soured blame game and tempers run high. The decline of Floortje becomes painfully visible in the increasing polarization and tribalism that characterize the current public debate worldwide.

The dancer shows the inner self, the hope, the strength and the vulnerability of the young Floortje. Various well-known Dutch actors such as Kees Boot, Justus van Dillen, Claire Bender and Astrid van Eck play a role in the performance in texts by Martijn de Rijk. These actors and the talk show appear on screen and are part of the decor. Together with specially composed music by Jacob ter Veldhuis, the performance forms a multidisciplinary whole.

This evening, in a supplemental program following the performance, Lonneke celebrates 30 years since she signed her first professional contract.

Lonneke van Leth (1976) studied at the Hogeschool voor de Kunsten in Arnhem.

In 1991 she received a grant from the Dansersfonds '79. After graduating in 1994 she danced at Introdans. From 1996 she danced as a freelance dancer with various dance companies, such as Djazzex, Dansity, Takeuchi, Lopez Ochoa, DDDDD and Voortman en de Jonge.

In 2001 she started her choreographic career at werkplaats Generale Oost and the Korzo Theater, and later also for festivals such as the Holland Dance Festival and the CaDance festival.

In the autumn of 2004 she was a finalist in The Hague Young Talent Award De Komeet. Since 2005 she has been creating dance productions together with visual artist and partner Vincent de Kooker. In 2009 through a foundation, which has since received a structural subsidy from the municipality of The Hague. Since 2012 they have been producing danceclassics on location. In 2012 this was the production “Swan Lake Siegfried and Odette”, in 2014 “The Odyssee” and in 2017 “De zaak Carmen”. With more than 100 productions to her name, she has a pretty good track record.

Since 2018, the company continues as youth dance company Lonneke van Leth Dans.

With her eclectic dance language, Lonneke links the sensory and emotional power of the dancing body to indestructible stories and current themes. She knows how to touch the (young) viewers, make them think and make them enthusiastic about dance and theater as an art form.

In January 2019, Lonneke received the Niekie van den Berg prize for the performance "A Romeo and Juliet" because of the excellent connection with the young target group.

Lonneke was nominated in 2021 for the Nederlandse Dansdagen Prijs Jong Publiek and in 2019 nominated for the Musical Awards in the category best choreography for her choreography of the successful performance "Het Pauperparadijs" in Drenthe. Since 2017 she has also been working as an assistant director to Tom de Ket.


Korzo Zaal

Event in the past.

Het verrotte leven van Floortje Bloem


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