Korzo Zaal

Heartcore Kantoor

363 more minutes of work, 362 more minutes, 361 more...

Welcome to Heartcore Kantoor, a place where things have to unfold as they’re supposed to and where things happen the way they should. In the angular, tightly organized space you meet four female office workers who routinely maneuver through the day's tasks. 363 more minutes of work, 362 more minutes, 360 minutes… etcetera. They stare out the window a little dejectedly as the walls slowly close in on them. The white fluorescent light shines brightly on the barriers of the office until a decisive course radically puts an end to this drudgery.  

The tapping of pens becomes louder and louder, tables are pushed together and jackets are thrown aside. These women throw their bodies into battle for more freedom of movement. Heartcore Kantoor is bursting at the seams; will the (in)visible barriers give way and finally shatter to pieces? 

Heartcore Kantoor is a crackling and absurd search for autonomy and explores the boundaries of what is permissible. The four female office workers rebel against the prevailing laws and join forces in a parade towards a more emancipated form of self-management. 

Concept & performance MAN || CO, Lisa Feij, Vera Goetzee, Susan Hoogbergen en Roma Koolen 
Director Moniek Merkx  
Music composition Daniel van Loenen 
Set design Sanne Lips 
Light design Wilfred Loopstra 
Business Karin van den Berg  
Production Charlot van der Meer  

Korzo Zaal

Heartcore Kantoor



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