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Event in the past.

Great Catch

Makers Luuk Brantjes, Harvey Cobb, Tête-bêche
Duration 90 min
Program lines Future Heroes
Future HeroesDiscover young and up-and-coming talent and see promising makers at the beginning of their careers.

Talented circusmakers that deserve your attention 

Great Catch is exactly what the title implies, an experience like no other you can experience right away. A new generation of circus artists has emerged in the Netherlands who not only have fantastic skills, but also create funny, moving and personal theater performances. For the second edition of Great Catch - a fresh taste of circus, the CircusCoalitie selected three original productions by fresh circus talent that will tour Dutch theaters together: Luuk Brantjes, Harvey Cobb and Tête-bêche. So catch yourself a surprising program full of adventurous circus performances!

Luuk Brantjes is specialized in the possibilities of the teeterboard, with allows force to be converted into a state of weightlessness. In L O N E expresses the delicate balance between being alone or lonely. In a world where we are constantly connected, that fear of being alone has increased. L O N E is a tribute to the singles, to the free spirits, and to everyone's most inventive self.  

Creation and performer Luuk Brantjes
Outside eye’s Benjamin Richter, Birgit Haberkamp, Piet van Dycke
MusicJoel Roxendal
Special thanks to Kolja Huneck, Julia Campistany, Helldorfer scheepsbouw, SOEPEL collective
Supported by Werkplaats diepenheim - TENT - Dynamo workspace for circus and performing arts - Subtopia - Provinciaal Domein Dommelhof - Cirklabo 30CC Leuven - PERPLX

Tête-bêche (Marieke Thijssen, David Mupanda and Wilko Schütz) combine the game of diabolo with partner acrobatics in their new show 3+1. They built  a complex web of hypnotic choreographies, interspersed with spectacular moments in which not only the diabolo, but the acrobats soar through the air.  

Creation Marieke Thijssen, David Mupanda en Wilko Schütz
Performers Marieke Thijssen, Michael Hottier en Wilko Schütz. David Mupande will perform the shows on 27, 28, 29 february and 1, 2 March
Supported by Circusstad Festival - Piet van Dycke - Peter Buffer

Harvey Cobb won the BNG Bank Circusprijs in 2022 with his distinct mix of comedy, improvisation and juggling. During this night, Harvey plays part of his hilarious solo Pink Boots and An Alcoholic Sock Puppet: a mix of absurd stand-up routines, heartfelt sincerity and an abundance of pink boots, making you wonder whether everything is going terribly amiss or exactly according to plan.

Creation en performerHarvey Cobb
Artistic coach
Captain Frodo
Outside Eye
Pepijn Ronaldo
Supported by
Headless productions - PERPLX - TENT - Circusstad Festival - De Grote Post - Stichting Droom en Daad

Great Catch is an initiative of the Circus Coalition. The partners are Rotterdam Circusstad, TENT, Korzo, Festival Circolo, Buro Piket in collaboration with MAAS theater and dance, Circusbende Festival, De Schuur, Bijlmer Parktheater, Panama Pictures, Deventer op Stelten and the study programs Codarts and Fontys. With this collaboration they want to contribute to a good climate for the creation and presentation of circus in the Netherlands. The Circus Coalition is committed to stimulating talent, venues and audiences for circus.

Korzo Zaal

Event in the past.

Great Catch


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