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Cirque Mania #17: Facades

Muscular circus bodies in the mirror 

In Facades, three acrobats hold a mirror up to themselves and the audience. How do others see us, and does it match with how we really are? Atop and around a five-metre-high aluminium structure, the performers share about what it means to be a strong woman or a sensitive man, through muscular circus bodies, spectacular acrobatics and personal anecdotes. 

They use two age-old and rare circus disciplines for this purpose: Hair-hanging, in which the performer hangs in the air by their hair, and Icarian Games, partner acrobatics in which somersaults are made from the other's feet.

Concept & direction Harm van der Laan, Maartje Bonarius
Performers Alfonso Escribano, Christine Lancione, Melinda Meijs
Light design Maarten Verheggen
Dramaturgy Luc van Esch
Music Studio Boeke
Costume Hanne Pierrot, Anouk van Kampen Wieling
Production Nikki Kracht, Susanna Paavola
Facades has been made possible by Fonds Podiumkunsten, Gemeente Rotterdam, Fonds 21, Stichting Bevordering Volkskracht, Zabawas, Van de Mandele Stichting, Elise Mathilde Fonds, Van Ommeren - de Voogt Stichting, Stichting Pieter Bast.

Tall Tales Company tells big stories on a human scale. About the impact we have on the world, and on each other. Circus is their language. An exciting language that evokes emotions and captures the imagination. A language that everyone understands, but hardly anyone speaks. Tall Tales creates a circus of life.

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Saturday 23 March €30,00 (instead of €37,00)
Cécile (Sinking Sideways) + CONCRETE (Knot On Hands)
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Sunday 24 March €22,50
Circaso + Facades (Tall Tales Company)
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© Bas De Brouwer
© Bas De Brouwer

Korzo Zaal

Cirque Mania #17: Facades



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