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Cirque Mania: EXO

Can we optimise the human body by connecting it to machines? And if so, to what purpose? And with which consequences? 

EXO is a kinetic artwork that as a performer, Camiel Corneille will physically react to. The work will be exhibited the whole evening and he invites the audience to join him in manipulating the work. How can we as spectators change our own perspective and show a different side of ourselves? How do we enrich our place in society/the world/surroundings? 


On September 27 Camiel Corneille will host an open class Circus Performance. Would you like to visit the performance and attend the class? Simply book your tickets by choosing 'Tickets' at the top of the page.

Concept and performer Camiel Corneille
Construction and realisation Edwin Schulte, Camiel Corneille
Film Jesse Immanuel Bom
Production Lysanne van Esch
Partners Festival Circolo, Circuswerkplaat Dommelhof, CIRKLAB


After EXO, visit the performance De Cuyper vs. De Cuyper at 19:30 and pay €24,00 (instead of €18,00) for both performances.

Order your day ticket here


Would you like to see all the shows at CirqueMania #14? You can with the passe-partout. This ticket gives you access to all performances on September 23, 24 and 25 for €60.00 (instead of €70.00)! With a passe-partout you also receive a drink on the house, one every day. Report at the box office upon entry, present your passe-partout and receive a drink of your choice.

Order your passe-partout here

© Wieba Photography
© Wieba Photography

Korzo Studio

Event in the past.

Cirque Mania: EXO



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