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Double Bill: Roberta Maimone en Sarah Baltzinger & Isaiah WIlson - Wonder, Love & METASTRUCTURE

Makers Roberta Maimone en Sarah Baltzinger & Isaiah WIlson
Duration 60 min
Part of Language no problem
Program lines Future Heroes
Future HeroesDiscover young and up-and-coming talent and see promising makers at the beginning of their careers.

Two is better than one! During this double-bill, we’ll present you two wildly different works from upcoming makers: Roberta Maimone with Wonder, Love and Sarah Baltzinger & Isaiah Wilson with MEGASTRUCTURE 


Roberta Maimone – Wonder, Love
Wonder, Love is a performance that delves into the realm of impossible love, exploring the subtleties of melancholy and the deep sense of solitude it evokes. The narrative follows a character as they are wondering about their reality, immersed in the nostalgic act of dreaming about what lies just out of reach. The project transports you into the enchanting landscapes of imagination and fantasy. 

Wonder, Love draws inspiration from the timeless tale of Pierrot, offering a fresh interpretation that ventures into the MEMIC aesthetic, infusing it with comics aspect.  

Creation by MEMIC project | Artistic director and Choreography Roberta Maimone | Performer Federica Lovato | Original soundtrack Clara Cozzolin, Brianoize | Costumes Roberta Maimone | Assistant Giacomo Raffo, Roberta Riontino

Sarah Baltzinger & Isaiah Wilson - MEGASTRUCTURE
MEGASTRUCTURE is a puzzle, a performative dance duet whose pieces are constantly being dismantled, searched for, tested and reinvented. Co-creators and performers Sarah Baltzinger and Isaiah Wilson draw on their bodies in constant cohabitation to deconstruct the traditional format of theatre and dance pieces. What does the audience expect in a performance? What is necessary to create? Without music or other distractions, MEGASTRUCTURE is both an immersive experience and a captivating performance. 


Co-creation and performance
 Sarah Baltzinger & Isaiah Wilson | International distribution Vicenç Mayans - Palosanto Project | Administration and production Théo Berge | Partners TROIS C-L, Centre de Création Chorégraphique Luxembourgeois I Ministère de la Culture Luxembourgeois I Cité Musicale-Metz I Fondation Indépendance I Département de la Moselle I Ville de Metz I Tipperary Dance Platform

Roberta Maimone is an Italian choreographer and dancer based in the Netherlands. During her training, she received a strong contribution to her artistic growth through encounters with artists such as Marcos Morau, Lukas Timulak, Gustavo Ramirez Sansano, Thomas Noone, and Didi Veldman. These encounters allowed her to experiment and develop her own personal approach.   

Following her debut with ENFANTS in collaboration with Roberta Riontino, which was performed in Italy, Netherlands, Spain, and Germany, she decided to pursue her artistic development and found MEMIC project. In the creation ALEX, a distinct humorous approach and the exploration of introspective themes shine through. The use of comic characters employs a movement language infused with strong elements of mimicry. The musical component also plays a significant role, with music composer Clara Cozzolino supporting the creative process and further defining the style.  

Roberta possesses a clear vision of what she aims to bring to life in the real world, as she journeys from the invisible to the visible. 

 Sarah Baltzinger and Isaiah Wilson are the co-creators and performers of MEGASTRUCTURE. Sarah has worked as a performer for various choreographers in Europe. Currently, she is developing her own choreographic work based on research around puppeteering and dislocated bodies. She has four creations to her credit and she recently created a project for five female performers named VÉNUS ANATOMIQUE.  

Isaiah completed his secondary education at the Lycée des Arts et Métiers and went on to study dance at Codarts. He did his internship with ICK Amsterdam and later worked with Dresden Frankfurt Dance Company as a guest artist. Currently, Isaiah works as an interdisciplinary artist and recently created a project called score for three performers combining dance and scientific innovation.  

Sarah and Isaiah collaborate in various projects together. With MEGASTRUCTURE they won the XL production Award at RIDCC 2023 alongside four other partners, that will lead to collaborations with renowned companies such as Scapino Ballet Rotterdam, Netherlands Dans Theater (NDT), Skånes Dansteater , MAAS Theater En Dans, SALLY Maastricht. Also, they got selected as AEROWAVES TWENTY24 ARTISTS with MEGASTRUCTURE.  

Korzo Zaal

Double Bill: Roberta Maimone en Sarah Baltzinger & Isaiah WIlson - Wonder, Love & METASTRUCTURE


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